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UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS starts with US: Erase the COLOR/GENDER lines in the Spiritual Community

For months my guides have been saying to me UNITE THE LIGHT, and as always that statement has had so many layers to peel. The first thing that came to mind however were my countless experiences as I went out to spiritual functions such as Expos , Festivals, and conventions where the theme was “UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS” or “ New Earth” or “Cosmic....”. However from one invite to the next all I witnessed was segregation and separation. Either a panel full of one color, or one gender, and definitely gender identification diversity was NOT present . Now while I haven’t gone to all the seminars around the world to say ALL are absent mindfully practicing this division, there’s still a large amount that falls in this OLD imbedded programming. Whether the ticket prices to events are shot up so high that only a certain income bracket can attend( which yes often falls to a certain race) or there is blatant separation of vendors and the sectioned times, or days they are able to present their passions to the community that should be embracing them and encouraging them to SHINE. This is NOT only a target of one race as MANY hold segregated functions that I haven’t seen since the 50s into the 80s. If you invite me to a function and you start the conversation off with this is for “us”, you can count me OUT. Because the ONLY us I KNOW consists of ALL .

So many groups follow the teachings of extra dimensional beings that look FAR differently from they do , yet their panels are often white washed or African pride as if no one else matters. When I put my courses together I don’t say this is for my black friends, or this will be for my Caucasian friends . I put it together to assist ALL. My work is for ALL colors, gender identity, male, female, short , tall, slim, thick, older, younger, low income, businesses owners for ALL. We can’t expect those that we have come here to assist to listen to anything we have to say when they look in our community and see separation. When the riots started I heard MANY spiritual leaders get on their platforms and talk about “ those people “ , as if the collective spirit of humanity was not calling out for the love and light they have been taught to give. I’ve even had newsletters sent to me after the whole black Lives Matter movement began (again) and there were spiritual groups holding support zoom meetings with an all white or all black panel.

How can we TEACH what we don’t practice? When you walk into a meditation/yoga class, or a spiritual retreat do you feel comfortable when there’s only a specific color or gender? Do you believe that you have only incarnated into one race? Do you believe you have only been one gender? When you think about the soul do you see it as having body parts or relating to just masculine or feminine aspects. If so let me offer you some food for thought beloved, the Soul is ALL THAT IS. From the rock to the soil, to the air, to you in all your forms, poured into MANY different containers. CONSCIOUSNESS can NEVER be just one thing, we are LIMITLESS.

I remember going to my last Expo and one of the woman asked me why I didn’t have a booth or why I wasn’t up on the panel , because I was assisting someone that was guided to me by spirit. I smiled and said to her I’m waiting for the picture to change. She smiled and looked at me as if I had three heads, so I said to her look up there(at the panel still seated), now look around the room, now look at me. I’m waiting for the picture to change. She then smiled and said “Right on!”.

When I got home I realized why Spirit sent me there, as I was currently prepared for my mentorship course later that week . I wasn’t going to wait I was going to be the CHANGE. NOW is the time BELOVED SWEET SPIRITS OF LIGHT there is NO MORE WAITING for the picture to change. We must be the change we wish to see in the WORLD.

So the next time you attend a spiritual gathering and the picture isn’t changed , then think if you are adding to the challenge or NO LONGER WILLING to take part in it. The next time you book a retreat and you see the list of practitioners and healers see if the picture has changed. The next time you are invited to a festival or a spiritual gathering OPEN you HEART and THEN your eyes and look to see if the picture has changed and if it hasn’t then what will YOU do to change it.

As always I send you my BLESSINGS , my LOVE, and I call in the LIGHT! Namaste

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