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Greetings Beloved Soul Family!

I trust your January is unfolding with rapid momentum and NEW found opportunity for growth and enlightenment .

Yesterday one of my beautiful clients and previous mentee emailed me a question about removing a “curse” from a past life (and if there was such a thing or even possible). In answering this question it slowly became apparent that this needed to be addressed to the collective as well.

I felt the need to elaborate in detail on this subject since we are in a Year 8 which is all about releasing negative KARMA (which can be energetic entanglements and patterns from this life and all other incarnations) , to bring about more balance to the soul experience. 

Since IAM here to TEACH as well as HEAL , I also included a SELF empowering technique that can be used on your own .


"Hello SDR! I wanted to ask if it was possible to remove a curse that someone placed on you in a past life?"


So first I want to clarify my innerstanding of a “Curse” . This like all things is an energy at the root /source. 

A curse is a type of negative energy that is or has been directed at some someone , place or thing ( objects can be cursed) with the intention of causing harm or misfortune.

There are different types of curses that have been long forgotten in our world because we tend to label these energies as “ old wives tales “. However those old wives were our ancestors that witnessed things in the world long before they became fictional or hidden. The most common curses I see are often past life related, however they often tie into the second type of curses which are inherited. Of course there are more ways that a curse can manifest and I will address those as well.

Long ago there were those that knew how to cast spells and this sorcery was often summoned for revenge. Often times it is because the person that wants this done to another is in a state of shadow and wants to retaliate against someone they feel has wronged them. So they find an energy worker (or they are one themselves) and they place this negative energy on the person or even over their entire lineage. 

Many people will find that the clinical term for “passing things on genetically “ can always be traced to energy. This means just as we can inherit our grandparents or great grandparents eye color of facial features. We can also receive a lot of  ‘baggage’ passed down from our ancestors through the DNA. This is because ALL DNA at an energetic level (including our ancestors ) contains information about that soul’s journey and in turn the lineage. So we can inherit emotional intelligence as well as trauma . We can also take on the energy signatures of our ancestors beliefs, and the decisions they made. While you can look at it as many practical things in regard to the bloodline . These energies were referred to as “curses” by those who could see the truth of the energy patterns . 

I want to also share that a “curse” energy can often “skip” generations or certain individuals within the lineage. This is because the “ curse” is an energy at its root and it can ONLY be activated/attached with a match that exists in the person’s energy field. This is cosmic/universal LAW so that is why no matter what you say, if you still feel this energy it will magnetically be activated/attached. From a metaphysical standpoint a “curse” attacks the mental body FIRST, then it can manifest into more parts of the physical anatomy.

Now this next part may shock you , and it might be hard to believe. I’ve had cases where the person actually “cursed” themselves in another life for something done wrong (or perceived to be wrong). This often shows up as self sabotage or imposter syndrome, and can manifest severely as self mutilation ,like cutting, bulimia, etc…,and can lead to suicide. 

On a galactic level this is highly sophisticated technology that was created by negative beings to keep Souls trapped in a negative karmic loop. Thereby creating so much entanglement that the soul cannot vibrate higher to ascend. 

Ultimately no matter what weapon is formed against YOU , there is also strength WITHIN you to conquer it! 

PLEASE remember that , we all have the power to CHOOSE what we agree with or not, at the conscious level, so if you don’t resonate with this information then simply LEAVE it be. 

You also NEVER want “ to return to sender” if you feel a “curse” has been placed on you. ALL energy is electromagnetic and will come back to you or someone within your lineage. 

Now in regards to the direct question:  “if it was possible to remove a curse that someone placed on you in a past life?” 

The answer is absolutely YES !

Remember that ALL information is stored in the Akasha and we can access this memory bank through our Akashic Records. Not all experiences repeat from our previous life, however the energies are often still present and prominent in our current incarnation, and can even manifest in our physical body. This is because it’s not really back and forth , it’s more parallel and connected like links on a chain. So you can go into your records with the correct access ( pathway prayer/ invocation) and retrieve any past life memories to be transmuted. This is why I offer this process of Akashic Records Ancestral Healing in my Ascension Protocol and as a Healing service.

As a Shamanic Practitioner, and metaphysician, I would always recommend going to someone that has been trained to do this type of energy removal, and definitely doing it in the Akashic Records is the most effective. However, I also BELIEVE in SELF empowerment and I won’t gate-keep this type of information. 

The BEST (self development) method to remove a “curse” energy is to transmute the energy of a curse, I like to work with the Violet Flame. You can also use Rose Reiki and any other form of advanced energy healing technique you are atoned to. No matter what be SURE that this process is done to have unconditional love and forgiveness for this Soul that is lost in SHADOW.

Below  is a simplified method of energy healing  to REMOVING a “curse” energy from your Energy Field. Read the process all the way through FIRST. Then prepare to do it with more intention. (You may also wish to record this process as a guided technique)


In this  process we will be working with the Violet Flame 

   (this form of energy anchoring can be done on yourself as a SELF kind of atonement, in order to use the more Khundaray (primal power) energy of the flame ,in a more powerful way, you will need to be atoned by a Reiki Master)

I highly recommend FIRST and foremost SHIELDING your Auric field ( using Maharic 12D shield or Golden 14D shield) 

Energy Clearing

In a quiet space where you will not be disturbed….

Close your eyes and place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and breathe deeply in and out of your NOSE only

Connect to the energy cord running through the center of your body and into the Earth Star chakra ( 0 chakra) 

Then send a cord down into 

Earth Mother’s core where there is a large rainbow crystal,

Wrap the cord around the crystal 

then bring it back up into the central magnetic field of your body 

As you do this SEE or image 

Ruby Red light that then becomes Violet Light, 

Then turns into a Violet Flame

Calling forth your aspects (energy connection) of this person 

   (this is the version of them that shows up in your realities . This does NOT go against their sovereignty or enters their field without permission. This process is INWARD and addresses the negative energy MATCH that you have so that it can be removed from the root. Which is why you will START from the Earth) 

 Now ASK (in your mind) that this aspect be purified in the Sacred Fire of the Violet Flames 

Now SEE or imagine there is a big ball of golden and white shimmering light 

Large enough to incapsulate  your entire body 

This light represents your divine light as a particle of the ONE

See or image this golden and white shimmering light 

coming up through all your lower Chakras and then when you get to your HIGH heart center (Thymus chakra right below your throat) hold the ball of light there

 Then send a cord up into the Aether /Ether/Sky above you , 

And tie it to the higher realms 

( 12D and above) 

 Then bring another ball of golden and white shimmering light back down through your SOUL STAR (golden egg) 

Then into the one thousand petals white lotus of the CROWN chakra 

Now guide the light with your exhalation (out) breath through your other two upper Chakras (third eye, throat) 

And downward into your HIGH heart center (Thymus chakra right below your throat)


NOW combine the two balls 

to make a bigger ball of golden and white shimmering light ,

 Then (start with yourself) AMPLIFY the light and submerge yourself in this golden and white shimmering light

Then send it out to whomever you are having a challenge with and submerge them in golden and white shimmering light of source divine /liquid love 


Take a deep breathe in 

(pull from each anchor)

The one below in the Earth

And then the,one above in the Aether/Sky above 


HOLD FOR 5 counts 

Breathe out (through the mouth)


Now allow yourself to be filled up (full body) completely with the golden and white shimmering light 

DIRECT it into any tears or holes that may have been created in the auric field as a result of this energy cord removal


Once you’ve done all the steps KNOW this is COMPLETE and put no more thought or focus on it. 

Be at PEACE, And so it is! 

Sending you Gratitude ,

In Munay Service ,

 Krystos Shaman & Metaphysician 

 Shaman Aurora DestanyRaven

(M.Taylor, D.D. DM)

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