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Shaman DestanyRaven or S.D.R as her clients, students and supporters call her is a world renowned and loved Ascension Guide ,Master Intermediary Energy Facilitator and Adept Initiate, of Ancient and Esoteric Teachings. Her official galactic title given to her by the Spiritual and benevolent Star Councils is Ascension Guide ,Galactic Shaman, Quantum Facilitator and Scalar Alchemist . In December 2021 after a session with world renowned Healer, Channel and best selling author Sal Rachele it has been confirmed that Shaman DestanyRaven is indeed a Higher (Cosmic Mind) Consciousness, benevolent Light Being from another Harmonic universe (ancient soul) and has come to teach others how to achieve ASCENSION ,as an interdimensional traveler . She has also specifically incarnated on Earth at this time to assist with the planets bio-energetic field as a Grid-Worker and travels the globe to activate the Ley Lines of Pachamama (Mother Earth) to hold higher frequency. Shaman DestanyRaven is a born and developed Seer ,Highly Intuitive empath/telepath , psychic-medium, trance channel , that has developed a multi-linguistic connection to what is commonly known as GOD Language or STAR language of LIGHT. Shaman DestanyRaven is a doctor of metaphysics and divinity (divination) teachings with the Universal Life Church (ordained since 2016) . She also holds multiple certifications as a master quantum energy healer in traditional (Japanese trained) Usui Reiki , Holy Fire Reiki , <Light of Lemuria , Blue Star ,Rose Reiki ,Skhm (Egyptian) Reiki ,Angelic Reiki and many other HIGH Shaktis ( intelligent subtle energies) .In addition to her many talents she is a five octave trained vocalist, drummer, and certified sound healer with crystal bowls. She also has extensive experience  in ancient and traditional healing work ,Rites of Passage Initiations and Star Activations as an initiated shaman . Shaman DestanyRaven is a proud member of the world wide accredited Society for Shamanic Practice were she connects with shamans from around the world to do ceremony and healing for the planet. She is dedicated to utilizing all her many years of training and natural abilities to assist those who are truly and divinely guided to her by their spirit to ASCEND .


Shaman DestanyRaven was born in Clarendon Jamaica West Indies. She is able to see faeries, elementals dragons, mermaids, as well as, being from the upper dimensions and able to speak to animals since she  began speaking at age one.  When she was 3 years old she had her first NDE( near death experience) as she curiously drank (what her family recalls as )drop size amount of bleach. She immediately withdrew from her body and witnessed everyone scream and scattered frantically. She remembers seeing her eyes roll to the back ,as her mother called out for herbs to stop the poison that had already began sweeping through her body. She came back to the world after a few linear moments forever changed. She recalls that day (through Shamanic journeying years later) as the first of many initiations into her shamanic path began to take form. It was also revealed to her by a group of elder shamans that supported her through her journeying experiences that this was indeed a normal life-path for many who are called to service . As a result of a total of 4 NDE, Shaman DestanyRaven continues to retain past life memories of Yu, Mu, Atlantis and all of Ancient Lemuria , Egypt, Mesopotamia and many other incarnations both on and off planet Earth. She can also access into worlds that not many could find and return from during her brief work with necromancy as she was guided further into the ancient teachings of the occult. Shaman DestanyRaven is a known ET contactee and one of a small number of incarnates that has extensively worked with TRUE Geomantic Cosmic Mind (Ascended Masters) . Spiritual development of this magnitude in the modern world requires discipline and dedication to raised her frequencies for rare access to physical (face to face) experiences with Inner earth civilizations , galactic higher dimensional beings, and Spiritual Hierarchy  (incorporeal collectives).  

This would eventually lead to her leaving her corporate job where she processed medical and dental claims. As time went on she would also leave the music industry that she was a part of most of her life . While her love for music as a professionally trained vocalist ,with a five octave range led her to working with some of the biggest and best in the industry, she could no longer ignore the call of spirit.  


While her first initiation took place at age 16 after her walk-in experience, and he second initiation at age 22 while on a girls trip with friends she would not align with her true path until years later after much healing work. After her trance induced initiation with the Mantis beings(2013) she was now ready to except the mission of her full time role as a “ Ascension Guide and Galactic Shaman” . In addition to being one of the spiritual community’s most beloved, supportive and influential wayshowers. She now spends her time connecting with clients from all over the worlds . 


Everywhere from NYC ,Texas, California ,Hawai’i, England, Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Thailand, China , India, Africa, Greece, and countless other places . Many people all over the world know Shaman DestanyRaven. She maintains deep connections with her clients who she considers soul family . 


Shaman DestanyRaven does her very best to ensure that each experience is unique and tailored to her clients desires. She uses a multitude of modalities to connect each clients with their HigherSelf (super consciousness) , and Angelic support team . She has also been able to access the Akashic Records to give detailed and accurate information of incarnations through lifecycles for her clients. As a trained Shamanic practitioner she incorporates the traditional rituals with her own authentically guided techniques to administer healing and spiritual growth.


Shaman DestanyRaven provides authentic and verifiable information to help aid and assist her clients journey through this life experience. She has clients of a wide and diverse group and accommodates everyone from the retail worker, public school teacher, single parent, college student ,to the small business starter . There is also no separation with the status of her clients and she is able to connect with the most successful freelancers, architect, established children’s book illustrator, celebrity personal chief, musicians, investment bankers, highly ranked government official, and even CEO of successful product companies . All have credited Shaman DestanyRaven to assisting in their path of spiritual development. This purposeful act of equal service to everyone guarantees dedication to her mission of assisting anyone who spirit guides her way, without needing to focus on comparing the ranks of her clientele. She truly provides services for everyone, and in every stage of development.  



Along with her many contributions to humanity through her energy healing work, she founded the EARTH GUARDIAN ALLIANCE and is a member of the EARTH MAGIC ALLIANCE where she is recognized as a powerful Grid-keeper (land healer /activator) of sacred sites around the planet. This work is so very important as it not only helps Earth's planetary body, but it also helps clearing the collective consciousness field both in physical and astral realms. Shaman DestanyRaven also mentors and works closely with other coaches to help them expand their light to assist others through her ASCENSION PROTOCOL MENTORSHIP and GALACTIC SHAMANISM APPRENTICESHIP courses . She firmly believe in the “each one teach one” principal and strives to help awaken ALL to their HIGHEST benevolent light . Although she has a very full schedule, she still finds the time to connect one-on-one with anyone who reaches out to her through PM( private message) ,DM ( direct message), and daily emails, interviews and speaking engagements in person or online. 


Shaman DestanyRaven goal is to continue to be a bridge between worlds for all who are guided to seek out her mastery. She continues to expand her life’s work of unity consciousness with many of her fellow light workers and looks forward to the beautiful new earth that is unfolding before our very eyes.  

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