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2024 and MORE!

Greetings Beloved Soul Family!

As the NEW YEAR of 2024 approaches (or has already begun for some of you depending on where you are in the world) IAM honored to continue to walk this journey or REMEMBRANCE with all of you!

In doing my reflections this past week,I discovered that I have had the HONOR and privilege to work with 26 people in 2023 on my Ascension Protocol Course and 4 of those have gone on to my Galactic Shamanism Apprenticeship!

With so much disclosure happening in regards to our Galactic Heritage (read more here ) .

I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching the latest documentary film by ex-government reporter Linda Howell called " The Observers" Check it out now on Prime Video!

This information further shows the potential of our TRUE soul/self coming into the awareness of MORE of the collective consciousness, I know that there will be a growing consensus of SOULS who are guided to this ascension path and way of LIFE. It fills me with so much joy to know that as a collective consciousness we are headed towards the future we have been working for lifetimes to attain.

Galactic Intel:

We will see more headlines of FIRST contact of the 5th kind (face to face physical interaction) as our Inner Earth family members make their way to the surface. Many of you are already experiencing the impact of your HigherSelf from the 5th dimensional timeline, in communication with you. I highly recommend taking time out of your day to sit and tune in to the energetic nature of your Soul/Self.

This "Contact of the 5th Kind" is in greater preparation of the Stellar Activation Cycle we are currently accelerating through. There will be Earth changes that are coming to support the souls who wish to utilize the morphogenetic field of Pacha Mama to ascend before the Star Gates close . According to my calculations through research both inwardly and other materials this 26,000 year cycle will complete in 2207. During this time phase we will have by the year 2039-2041 to activate our "Ascension codes" to enable us access to the planetary gates. These are the same gates that are currently being fought over disguised as war zones and other malevolent reptilian tactics. While some people may still be in disbelief at the negative alien agendas that have been playing out on this planet for centuries. There are many of us in the millions who resonate with this information. So try not to let your cognitive dissonance convince you that this is false information. After all no matter what the mainstream media tries to distract you with , it's safe to say millions of people cannot be wrong. However they can certainly be manipulated into being pinned against one another so the truth is never discovered.

Remember that often times REAL life is stranger than fiction . So keep your heart and third eye WIDE open!

For those of you who are still trying to make a decision on whether or not to take this QUANTUM leap , and ALIGN with the daily practice of living a more conscious lifestyle, I offer you more information about my Ascension Protocol Mentorship. In the hopes that challenging yourself to try something NEW will spark your remembrance of the journey to HIGHER harmonic universes.

While there are MANY ways to achieve ascension ,my process offers a fantastic opportunity to fully SELF development and improve your way of life . As it is to be assured that you are working with a QUALIFIED professional teacher . I have over two decades of initiated shamanic spiritual practice, a doctoral degree in metaphysical sciences ,divinity studies,and multiple certifications in energy mastery.

You are welcome to learn MORE about me  here:

One of the resolutions in my planner for 2024 is to make more people aware of this process of ascending and HOW to achieve it in this lifetime. This course is all about the ancient art of ASCENSION from a scientific/physiological standpoint as well as a spiritual developmental process. With a combination of Ayurvedic Detoxification techniques to Alkaline your physical body. My customized and one of a kind bio-regenerative therapy techniques through cymatic frequency coded  audio modalities to activate your LIGHT body and PLASMA body . In addition to advanced esoteric shielding techniques. There are also customized audio activations for 1-7 Main (central) chakras,Soul Star activation , Kundalini activation, 12 strand DNA activation, Remote Viewing training and so much MORE!

These techniques also include Lemurian , Atlantean and Egyptian intelligent energy healing atonements also known as Reiki. With these combined methods and spiritual skills you will gain a greater innerstanding that will enhance your ability to achieve SELF healing and also receive training to utilize these skills to heal others.

Most importantly you will receive LIVE weekly Zoom 1 on 1 support from me for 8 Weeks . To answer (uncensored and unfiltered) any and all questions in regard to the ascension and our Galactic Heritage.

Here are a few testimonials of previous mentees

Havell was such a pleasure to work with as he came from an open minded background and was eager to gain more SELF Knowledge and innerstanding.

Nataly's experience was by far the most transformative that I have ever heard! She continues to work with the modalities that are gifted to ALL mentees when they are complete with the 8 Week Course.

Jeff was a "healthy skeptic" that challenged me in ways that allowed us both to grow. By the time we were done with his mentorship I could feel and see his energy levels increased significantly and he now facilitates healing ceremonies in his local community with his wife Monica.

Monica also did the course and went on to become one of my summer 2024 semester graduates of my Galactic Shamanism Apprenticeship. She is equally amazing at what she does as a Master Teacher and supportive to her community as she creates healing retreats and sacred plant medicine ceremonies and so much MORE!

The list of successful mentee's goes on and on!

You a welcome to check out MORE testimonies on the " About Mentorship" section of the website! HERE:

If you’ve already read the information above and you’re READY to sign up then CLICK HERE : for a FREE 30min consultation to choose your START date and go over any questions.

Overall I will continue to do my very best in 2024 to bring as much information and support to ALL of you no matter what!

I Looking forward to connecting with those of you who are guided to me by your HIGHEST self and I hope you will REMEMBER that you are NOT alone !

May ALL who seek to REMEMBER do so in the HIGHEST order of benevolent LIGHT!

And so it is!

In Munay,

Krystos Galactic Shaman


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