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"I was drawn to find Shaman DestinyRaven by a spirit while on my path of Ascension. Her videos, articles, and individual readings are meant to activate you. She encourages you to keep digging for the truth and is always available to answer those tough questions. If you are drawn to her, be ready to uplevel yourself! She embodies everything she teaches. I have deep gratitude and love for my ancient sister in the light. Adonai."

Spiritual WayShower/Advisor

M.Sean Cook


"Shaman D has been my Wisdom on this spiritual journey. She has shown me that I am worth more than I realized. I was a tough client who could not accept the fact that everything I was taught was a lie. But she never gave up on me. She gently guided me to the Truth with no judgment. I am so blessed to have her as a life coach, my spiritual guru and friend. Thank you Shaman D for everything!!"

Crystal Davis

We are Magic Tarot & Guidance 

"Shaman Destiny Raven is absolutely amazing in her ability to guide people on their life path. Her individual readings are not only spot on - they also reveal aspects of your purpose you may never have considered before!  She has a magical way of showering light and inspiration on everyone she encounters. Her Quantum Clearing Course really helps get you moving forward in the most miraculous ways.  I highly recommend Shaman DestanyRaven!" 


Author, Carol Weakland 


"Shaman DestanyRaven is hands down, the most powerful medium and healer I have had the honor of connecting with. I have booked her Live Shamanic Healing service twice, and both times they have transformed/healed me in just the perfect way I needed at that particular point in time. I am on the Starseed Journey and both times I contacted her I was fraught with dark energy surrounding my field and so many questions and concerns. I never had to tell her what these concerns and questions were, because she already knew through connection with my Guides & HS. Her healings and messages have been a pivotal point for me on my Journey here on Gaia & have given me the strength and tools to go forward, as she reminds me of my own Power, Strength & Gifts and how to reclaim what is rightfully mine. I feel such a connection to her and will be joining her Shamanic class when it is offered. I highly recommend her services. You won't be disappointed."

"I don't know how to start, I guess "thank you" will always be my words for you. I was having probably the roughest time of my life, I was so lost, so broken, i was giving up on having a happy life, a peaceful one. My sister helps me a lot even though she was so far away, but she helped and she gave me this beautiful opportunity to meet you. Yet so far away, in different countries but so close at the same time. 

You gave me peace, you gave me courage, love, a beautiful friendship, you gave me the tools that I need to be more powerful, more secure. With your support and love, you gave me strength and I was ready to live again. As I said, thank you will always be my words for you and i hope  everyone could be as lucky as my sister and I to have you in our lives."


I love you


Karina García
Lima - Perú


"Shaman Destiny is a divine light of honest guidance, compassionate understanding, and unconditional love. I trust my own approaches to parents now. I stand in my own truth and do not worry about others the way I used to, because she encouraged me to be myself and shine my own light. She helped me release many things that I allowed to hold me back. She taught me how to truly take responsibility for my life. Her ability to compassionately respond to whatever I shared with her, made me instantly feel comfortable, loved, and safe. I can come to her with anything and know that the advice is free of judgment and conditions. After each conversation, I am always filled with love, hope, joy, peace, and understanding. I love her deeply and I will continue to seek her guidance on my journey. "


Christina Geri, Intuitive Coach, MA


Instagram: @Xtina.Geri ;

Mind, Body, Soul Gym/Training

"First let me just say I have been awakened for most of my life but I purposely told my higher self I didn't want to walk the path set out for me but I wanted to experience life as a human for at least 50 years before I would take the road paved for me. By the time I turned 50 I kept falling and hurting myself and the relationships in my life became difficult, whether it was work, family or friends. I picked up bad habits such as smoking and poor eating. I was depressed because I had trapped myself in a place I knew wasn't for me, although over the years I would still try to create and do things that made me happy, I wasn't fully invested. I would spend most of my nights after work in the basement smoking and watching reruns of TV shows not spending enough time with my children unless it was necessary.

It got to a point where I felt like my spirit was dying and my body was suffering from itching and rashes, lack of sleep, and migraines. I was not a happy person. I'm 52 now and in less than two years my life has taken a quantum leap.


One day, I believe it was in January 2019, I saw this young woman on YouTube standing out in the cold but I didn't click on her page but every time I went to YouTube I would scroll past her videos and see the same still picture of her standing outside in the cold. I finally decided to watch her sometime in February, and found out her name was Destany just like my daughter Destiny. When she spoke her voice was so sincere and frank, she didn't have gimmicks or fancy graphics it was just her speaking her truth and sharing advice for grounding, connecting to spirit and being a light for others. I reached out to her in March 2019 to purchase a General Well-being meditation and 3rd eye activation. So many things became clearer to me after I began to meditate and listen to the activation, which was calming and peaceful, it made me feel loving and I truly began to connect to my purpose to do the work and keep going forward changing my timeline for the better. By the end of March, I signed up to certify for Reiki I, II and Master level and I began to integrate my light energy to align with the Mother Gaia's vibration. I would sit and meditate on healing the planet, sending positive energy to Hawaii, especially on Earth Day in April. I started to remember my dreams and take notice of the sky and the rainbow energy pouring through the Sun. By mid-April I was attuned and Reiki certified. The 3rd eye activation opened up my hearing LOL! Seems weird to hear with an activation for sight. LOL! I began to notice synchronicity of number and messages from birds, ringing in my ears, my heart was full. I started my book and my business, Hapi Light Being to help others find and shine their light. 


By May, I ordered my very own Oracle decks and began to read them, I also started my own YouTube channel and started exercising my Throat chakra as I continued to listen to Shaman Destany light language activation and meditations. I listen to other light warriors on YouTube but I only purchase healing modalities from Shaman Destany because they truly work. My soul and spirit is comforted by her voice and my suns, DJ Kwame and Dede Kwabena began to take note of her voice whenever I listen to her. By September 2019, I purchased the Soul Retrieval Activation from Shaman Destany and after years of smoking marijuana, I stopped 3 days after I listened to the activation. Shaman Destany offered a 8-week Beginners to Intermediate FULL EMBODIMENT  course that works with the FOUR BODIES(Spiritual,Emotional, Mental,Physical), I learned so much about my higher self and my past life energy. Through the SHAMANIC tapping technique she taught me, I tapped for $1500 and by the end of the week, I received a check for just about $1500. 


Fast forward to this past June 2020, I did the Quantum Healing June activation, the color ray of the sun was blue beam and the flower was rose. My connection came through after the activation: I saw a blue bird which kept flying and hopping from branch to branch I tweeted and it tweeted back to me. - I automatically grabbed clothing that was blue most of the following week. - I shopped for blue fruit to blend such as blueberries and blackberries. - My Google screensaver came up as the Fox Fur Nebula which is a vibrant blue star formation. - The rose revealed herself the day I meditated when I parked next to a rose bush and my friend kept saying " Oh you parked next to the beautiful roses." I didn't even know about these particular roses because they didn't appear as a traditional red rose. - I went to the grocery store and a woman dropped her name tag and when I told her she picked it up and her name was Rose. - I used an essential oil purposely with rose oil in it before sleeping. - I listened to Magenta Pixie who spoke of the Rose gold flame. - and I found out that June 12, 2020 was National Red Rose Day so I bought roses because I kept seeing them.


I could go on and on with the manifestation of Shaman Destany's meditations and activation techniques!


 If you are seeking to heal or learn how to shine your light, figure out what you should be doing and why, you should definitely tune in to her YouTube channel, visit her website, or check her out on Instagram. You will not be disappointed. I know for a fact that we were supposed to link up in this lifetime, so much has transpired in my life and I've only known her for less than two years. She is truly my sister and friend. Love you Shaman Destiny."






"I believe I started watching Shaman Destany's videos in 2017. I was going through one of the hardest periods of my life. Listening to her videos was like listening to a friend give me practical and spiritual advice. My son has been listening to her videos since he was about 18 months old. Whenever he was upset in the car I would play her videos and he calmed down almost immediately. I have used her chakra meditations and her Quantum Clearing modalities. All of her offerings have helped me to radically change myself and helped me to develop as a light worker. She was a bright shining light for me during a time when I could barely find my way out of darkness and for that I will be eternally grateful to her. "

"Shaman DestanyRaven is an endless fountain of wisdom and inspiration to me. She is a WayShower... a bright, loving light guiding us ALL to remember....the divine core of who we truly are! Tuning-in to the powerful light language and messages she shares from the Higher Realms has awakened me to my Higher-Self. I AM a Starseed. DestanyRaven is my Shaman."


With Love & Gratitude,

Cinthia G.

"Shaman Destany is a divinely trained and truly gifted intuitive, psychic and healer and is such a gift to this world. Her ability to tap into higher dimensions and retrieve wisdom and messages from the higher octaves of reality and consciousness is delightfully precise and truthful. Working with her not only changed my life for the better but it ignited within me the divine remembrance that I too have these psychic and healing gifts. The modalities that she incorporates in her process are extremely powerful, healing and expansive and will awaken the dormant codes that are within you. I'm honored and grateful to have worked with Shaman Destany as the wisdom and lessons learned through our time together will be something that I will always cherish and utilize in my daily life. "


-Chris Gomez 

"Working with Shaman DestanyRaven is a wonderful experience that expands you on more levels than one.  She is knowledgeable and connected to the realms beyond that which we can see and able to help you understand higher and deeper aspects of yourself. Her calm and soothing voice in her activations allow you to explore yourself in such a grounding way.  Do not hesitate to work with her if you are feeling called to do so.  She is phenomenal."

Transformational Coach & Sound Healer

Diane Sekhmet Aset Ra

"Shaman Destany Raven’s services offered me from my experience the place to recognize where I can take accountability for the life that I'm creating. I am able to better pinpoint frequencies within foods and what frequencies are mine/others because I’ve taken the time to go within on my spiritual journey.  I didn’t even know I was manifesting and her services taught me how to manifest in a more conscious and high-frequency way." 


-Joya (Starseed of a beautiful soul and herbalist student

"I honestly don't even know where to start with telling you about how Shaman Destany has assisted me in my unfolding process...which of course is ongoing!  It started with a Mission for us on Maui, where I met Shaman D in person for the first time.  Doing Mission work together at the level that we did was in itself an amazing activation for me!  The guidance that I have received from this amazing being of Light,  since then (which is quite frequent) is always spot on for what I need.  It's either something I need to release, insight about something I should think about being open to, major shifts that I wasn't even tapped into, and many others.  It has literally been PRICELESS in my ascension process!!!  I am a Reiki Master and Blue Ray Healer.  I was offering Reiki primarily to friends and family members.  I LOVED having "Goddess Afternoons" in the jungle and just spoiling my girlfriends.  I have since completely surrendered into healing anyone brought into my path...or anything :)  I've been taking the Quantum energy clearing course since June and I am mind blown at how it's expanded my consciousness and shown me new ways of healing that have been literally flowing through me.  To say it's exciting is such an understatement!  It is really showing me that as we each unlock those gifts that we are here to share with the Planet then we will be creating an AMAZING higher dimensional network amongst OURSELVES for complete healing of our 4 bodies and our Beloved Mother Gaia.  THANK YOU SHAMAN D for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you have done to assist me in my journey and continue to do on a daily basis.  THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU my soul sister!"


Archeia Heidi of The New Earth Builders Foundation

Reiki Master

Kombucha Brewrey Owner 

"I came across Shaman Destany Raven on YouTube. I had just learned about light language and was heading down the rabbit hole of multi-dimensional beings, star seeds, activations, and the metaphysical.

She covered it all. I listened to her for months, getting to know her process. I got up the courage to do a private zoom with her and that’s when it all began or when my 3-dimensional world started to crumble.

I could barely contain myself when we met, looking into her eyes, feeling her energy was like going home.

Since that zoom, my life will never be the same. Shaman Destany Raven gave me magical breadcrumbs - ideas, concepts, doors - that multiply, expand and open by the day. She taught me how to see and feel differently, she showed me my own light and how to live in it. Her activations, channelings, and mediations have catapulted me to inner-stand my true self, my aspects, and have mediative experiences beyond comprehension. She has taught me how to connect with sources in the most moving ways.

Every day I grow exponentially because of all she taught me to unlock. I have started to channel on my own and am now hyper-aware of my own magic, power, and strength. Gratitude is a word I used to use but can no longer, as gratitude is just a word. When I think about how grateful I am for Shaman Destany Raven it feels like rainbows are pouring out of my chest. That’s how I know."




Destany is the most powerful and divinely intuitive being that has come into my reality! Her light is so bright and the truth flows through her effortlessly! She is connected to all realms and energies. She brings warmth and a divinely sacred space in her presence. I received a live call time jump reading and received confirmations as soon as the reading was over. 555 along with other synchronicities. I had stepped into my purpose and wanted to know how to better align with my purpose in terms of career. She is a direct channel of truth and light. I am so grateful for Destany to have been brought my way. I can truly say when the reading was over my reality began to shift and I could feel energies leave my being that no longer served the highest timeline of all. If you are ready to seriously align your vibrations to the highest timeline and receive insights and messages to get you back on track. Destany is for you! She is a life changing being here on earth to shift energies for the good of all creation! A direct conduit of source!

I found Shaman DestanyRaven through her YouTube channel Sweet_SpiritofLight. I watched one video after another and was mesmerized by how richly layered they each were touching on many levels at once. I watched a Light Language activation video with mudras and it blew me away.(*at the time I was new to both). I heard in her voice and saw in her eyes deeply authentic compassionate wisdom. I reached out, we did a consultation, and right after made an appointment to do a private Zoom meeting. I had some major health questions and was assisted in various ways including diet, vitamins, and supplement advice.

unnamed (1).jpg

I had thought that coming to terms with my health situation was the way to be happy with the life I was told I had left and she helped remind me that I make the terms. I was amazed by her insight, warmed by her kindness, appreciative of her ethics (Natural & Universal law), and overjoyed by the whole experience. I have sampled the Chakra and other Activations offered, and they are quite beautiful and extremely powerful. (I fell asleep several times in the beginning when listening.) I felt a change in myself and have also had others notice a difference too.

I got excited when the opportunity came to do the 8wk Full Embodiment Course being offered in 2019 which was amazingly diverse and very immersive. I am so glad that I tried the course not having a clue if I could even complete it. I appreciate the whole experience making new friends along the way. I am doing the monthly Quantum Clearings currently and they are just as richly created, full of wisdom and knowledge, as all the other modalities I have tried. The Live readings on her YouTube channel are always enlightening and great fun.

  I have so much overwhelming gratitude for our connection. I have met some of my Soul Family through the experiences and look forward to what's next. I continue to do research on the things we spoke/speak on to help myself remember and grasp more understanding. I realize now, that I found her when searching for myself, and she has assisted me in ways that I cannot put into words and will definitely never forget. I call her my Oracle, a Friend, Soul Family member. 


Maggie Kaminky - IL USA

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