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RINGING IN THE EARS (Spiritual Meanings and Effects)

Updated: Jan 18

Greetings Soul Family!

  Once again we have entered ANOTHER amazing wave of HIGH energy and entered the 1/11 Galactic Activation Portal and New Moon in Capricorn . As I am writing this I have a massive amount of energy pulsing through me! 🤪

I do apologize for my absence on my social medias (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, FB, Patreon) as I am preparing my daughter for dorm life and college starting this Saturday!

For those of you aware of her almost fatal accident this past summer (and her remarkable recovery) you know that this milestone is one of JOY, BLISS, and GRATITUDE. So please continue to be patient with me, and I thank you for your support!

I will be sharing the INTUITIVE ENERGY REPORT for this massive portal later today (1/11/24) on my social media accounts. So make sure you're following me on ALL platforms (link to join located on HOME page).

For now I would like to share a NEW blog about a common spiritual topic, experience of ‘RINGING IN THE EAR” .

This came from a question emailed to me by one of my mentees currently taking my ASCENSION MENTORSHIP COURSE.

As ALWAYS please take what serves you , leave what doesn’t and question EVERYTHING (inwardly) that comes to mind. Journal if you are guided to , and to receive further support from your guides and Higher Self.

Email question from mentee:

“What does it mean when I’m listening to the maharic shield meditation and your ears start ringing? Ear ringing happens very often for me almost everyday. “


While I am an advocate of metaphysical treatment/therapy FIRST ,I will also advocate that you get a physical diagnosis to treat any persistent pain and discomfort. Ultimately when the physical body is reacting it is a result of a nonphysical condition that has either gone untreated or showing as a side effect. The medical community will tell you that EAR RINGING is a sign of only a clinical diagnosis , such as tendinitis , or stress. However in the Metaphysical Societies we know that ear ringing is a STRONG sign of many spiritual gifts AWAKENING and ultimately developments.

Below, I will list some examples related to EAR RINGING below:

  • A shift in energetic motion and alignment, often stepping into a higher or lower vibrational range

  • Receiving messages from spirit guides, loved ones who have transitioned (died) , or highly evolved beings (Higher Selves, Galactic Collectives,etc..)

  • The presence of a malevolent (energetic) being surrounding your space, can be pure negative thought form entity (causing a triggers, false beliefs and chaotic energy)

  • Emotional and energetic attachments to others by way of energetic cords

There is also a STRONG difference between the ring, with MORE volume or higher pitch indicating urgency or alertness.

You should also be aware that each ear has its own meaning and for some that have developed a relationship of communication with their guides using this method, it can go even further.

For example when my LEFT ear rings it’s often a message from Celeste ( my Arcturus guide/Higher Self) or any entity or Cosmic Ray of my benevolent guides.

This is because the LEFT side is our RECEIVER of ENERGY coming INTO our fields from spiritual being usually of benevolent nature that are connected to Source, such as Higher Angelic Selves , OverSouls, Avatar consciousness and other highly evolved beings. Ringing in the LEFT ear is a sign of internal energies that are shifting UP. The LEFT ear is in tune with the core essence of your bio-energetic field and the energies you're anchoring . When your LEFT ear rings it is because you are receiving significant shifts in your vibrational field ( also known as Downloads/Uploads/Upgrades)

When it’s my RIGHT ear I automatically AMPLIFY my shield and pay closer attention to my environment and/or thoughts. This is because the RIGHT is the energy we SEND out and can often be a vibrational match as a magnetic charge to malevolent forces. The right ear is more conducive to external energies coming into your energy field without your awareness or "permission" (this can happen by default because you aren’t conscious enough to detect these forces that use the lower density Earth plane to be parasitic) .

Since EVERYTHING is energy FIRST, these are usually lower energy cords either attached to us through our environment or a result of distortion in our lower chakras. This is also where negative entities like to attack our bio-energetic systems. So you may hear ringing in the RIGHT ear if you are under stress, heavy depression or anxiety.

If you hear BEE sounds (buzzing) followed by clogged airways (like you’re in water) or get frequent headaches it is a strong indication of a dark malevolent entity attacking/attaching to your field . Buzzing in your RIGHT ear is also sign of a negative cord to a person who doesn’t have good intentions towards you.

When you hear “white noise” this is an indicator that you have an energetic cord to some person, animal or even an environment. This energy cord doesn’t necessarily have to be negative. When strong energetic cords are connected between you and another person, NO MATTER good or bad, it just means that there is a vibrational match energetically connecting you.

The ringing also means that energy is responsible for your actions towards this person and also theirs with you. Your body is alerting you of this by the ringing in your ear. These things sometimes cause ringing in your ears,and the same principles apply. I highly suggest that when it does happen in the company of someone or some place that you spend some time examining your connection and if it is serving you in the highest benevolent way.

Ringing in the LEFT ear is a sign of internal energies that are shifting. The LEFT ear is more in tune with what is going on at the core essence of your energy field. Usually, when you hear ringing in your LEFT ear, it is a message from your higher self or a significant shift in your vibrational field. USING custom activations that encode specific frequencies such as solfeggio or binary frequencies with 3-12 base tones will help to raise your frequency and clear any distortion so that you can integrate the HIGHER frequencies your body is attempting to anchor.

If the ringing in your ear is accompanied by a feelings of frustration, anger, or even fatigue, or depression then this is a  low energy, that is  energetically draining your field and therefore dragging you down. This maybe because you are a HIGH empath and in this case you need to look into SHIELDING as soon as you wake up . Also I STRONGLY recommend crystals like : hematite , black tourmaline, black obsidian, Shungite , amethyst, or pyrite . You may also be connected to this person to assist them but ALWAYS focus on yourself FIRST and bring balance to your energetic health. THEN when you are stable and grounded you can support them.

There will be isolated situations where you experience consistent ringing in your ears, after thinking about someone this is a CLEAR indicator of an energetic cord between you and that person.

This is often a call to do SHADOW WORK from abandonment or can even be related to fear around afterlife and ascension. New Age energy practitioners tell you to “cut the cords” , however that is a temporary solution. Since energy cords can grow back it is important to remove them from the ROOT . That is often the shadow work that needs to be done. In the world of energy the rule and universal law of “ what is likened to itself is drawn out “ is ALWAYS at the forefront of any energetic cord challenge. So in order to release this connection you must work to CHANGE your frequencies so you are no longer a match. It can be as simple as having similar belief systems . To as complex and powerful as “trauma bonding”over a life event that you both experienced from your relationships together or apart. We are electromagnetic waves of consciousness that will always attract the same “like” frequency.

I have found that SHAMANIC extraction rituals work wonders in helping to heal wounds and bring balance to your energy field. I won’t share the details of this process here since it is a “closed practice” for practitioners. This is not about “gatekeeping” but more so about honoring the process of spiritual work as more than just a gimmick or something to exploit.

When you pay closer attention to your thoughts, actions and surroundings you can reduce the negative effects of ringing in the ear. You can also in turn help to improve your energy by acknowledging when your body is communicating with you during this process.

If you do experience ringing in your ANY ear, it is often definite sign of heightened energy awareness. As you become more in tuned you will see that communication in the spiritual realm, is ALWAYS happening. Ringing in the EARS is a sign of your CLAIR abilities ACTIVATING. Preferably (but not limited to) your gifts of clairaudience (the ability to hear spiritual messages) and clairsentience (the ability to sense spiritual presence through energetic movement) .

I know that this process of development can be scary and downright frustrating or confusing , since it seems like these things that you are doing are new . However I would like to remind you that your SOUL is eternal and has lived infinite lives where you have exhibited these abilities for multiple lifetimes.

So be gentle with yourself as you REMEMBER once more , and CELEBRATE beloved . You are that much closer to FULL embodiment of your Christ consciousness and DIVINE spark. This is indeed a GREAT and wonderful form of expansion!

I trust this was helpful!

For further SUPPORT with any of the topics mentioned please visit the HOME page for modalities in the Quantum Healing Shop. You are also welcome to schedule a SHAMANIC healing session with me in the BOOKINGS section .

READ up on my INSTANT access mentoring course ASCENSION Protocol and the Galactic Shamanism Apprenticeship Spring 2024 semester .

Sending you Gratitude ,

In Munay Service ,

Krystos Galactic Shaman & Metaphysician

Aurora DestanyRaven (M.Taylor, D.D. DM)

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Thank you for this. For the past few months I have been having that white noise sound in my right ear as of I am in an airplane or something. This was right on time. 🙏🏽

Replying to

You’re very welcome beloved! So happy to be of support to you! 🙏🏾



Thank you for sharing this information. In 2020, though I was doing deep spiritual healing and shadow work, when my ears began to ring it scared me and I ran straight to the doctor and was diagnosed with Tenitis. Then I started using a singing bowl and studying more and going deeper and then what you've written made sense. Thank you for further depth. Ase

With gratitude,


Replying to

Wow! That is definitely a top diagnosis in the medical community and it’s not to say that their clinical terms aren’t accurate. It’s more so that they have forgotten that EVERYTHING starts in the nonphysical world FIRST. Our bodies are such a magnificent intelligence, all we need to do is tune in to support its growth! Congratulations for following your inner guidance! 🙏🏾

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