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The Night Shift

If you told me a year ago that my Dreamtime experiences would be filled with helping celebrities shift out of their current energetic experiences and more towards higher timelines, I would have said “ uh I’m sure spirit has more tedious work for me here”. However my purpose of incarnating on earth is to assist this beautiful sentient being and ALL the souls here who wish to ascend. And while many do not display that they have a good bone in their bodies, their soul seems to be ready to release these shackles of the dark to make the trip into the light with many of us. I’ve had people say to me when I share my astral adventures “why would spirit have you help them when they played such a big role in our demise as a collective?”. For those who have this belief let me offer an perspective, think about it from the soul aspects and the roles many have volunteered to play so that humanity could eventually see the era of its ways. People for some reason think that starseeds and lightworkers only come in as “ everyday” people. When in actuality there are so many starseeds that have chosen to come into these more public life experiences to help with the ascension . And while not all are leading model citizen lives and yes some are seriously wrapped up in giant messes, my assignment isn’t to judge (neither is yours) it’s to assist ALL souls who reach out.

Now that I’ve stated that I’ll share some details about my astral adventures, in the hopes that those of you who are indeed doing this work as well will know you’re not alone, and how much of an honor it is to be apart of this beautiful process. I’m not going to share names because although this is Dreamtime so I can pretty much just let loose , I’m also VERY aware that the astral realm is indeed a REAL dimensional reality and many find it safe to seek out support and I won’t dare shift that energy just to get more readers.

My first adventure last weekend led me to a talk show host and a brother and sister celebrity duo that pulled me in for support. When I walked onto the set of the show I was definitely in shock because my human thought for sure this celebrity had gone deep over the edge of the dark side with no chance of returning. However I was here and it definitely showed my human that there is ALWAYS hope for anyone. At first I sat in the audience and I watched as the host interviewed the brother and sister. When a voice said walk forward so I did and ended up on stage and the host looked at me and fell to the floor weeping. She said “you’re here” they said you were coming but I wasn’t sure thank you” and she continued to weep. As I held my hands out to lift her shadows and remove the entities, the sister from the celebrity duo stepped forward expressing she was ready to shift as well. When I turned to the brother he was empty ,his vessel was hollow and he expressed that he wasn’t there anymore and he almost looked like an android. This isn’t uncommon as many souls can’t handle the density and choose to separate so much from the vessel that it’s easy for another being to step in or what is called a “walk-in” . These experiences don’t always happen with higher consciousness beings , very often there will be a lower entity that can be connected to the Oversoul that will be contracted to step in at a certain point in the life path and the main host has to just step aside because this too is divine order. I have to admit when I first became aware of that one it was a hard pill to swallow. For me it was incomprehensible why someone would choose to go from a light being to a dark seed, I didn’t get the concept of the Oversoul’s placement in the larger picture and that there is only one coin with two sides. Rather than elaborate further with the interpretations I uncovered, as ALWAYS I encourage you to work with your team and ask to be shown the highest benevolent sources for your own experiences and expansion.

Now back to the “ night shift”, so as the brother indicated his unwillingness to shift another younger celebrity came running from backstage and straight into my arms. As I held her and she filled with light she also expressed her gratitude. PLEASE let me be CLEAR this wasn’t because I was some savior or superhero come to rescue them, but more importantly that as I assisted them I DID NOT JUDGE. Once my work was done I opened a portal and went into another Dreamtime experience which landed me on a train. It seems I received an upgrade for my work and I was going to the next level! This of course is my own personal and intuitive interpretation of being on trains or traveling in Dreamtime as for me this always signifies an energy shift, or even new abilities coming online.

After that I woke up , went to check on the kids who thankfully are all teenagers now so it was more of me checking in with them. I immediately felt like I needed to go back to rest and jumped back into the bed with very little hesitation. Sure enough when I fell back into Dreamtime I was yet again recruited to assist another celebrity and this one was an OG in the game ! As I approach her I felt the presence of a darker being and turned to see another OG celebrity standing there and he was highly pissed that I was there. I smiled and helped the female celebrity up off the ground where she laid weeping and she stressed to me that the celebrity wouldn’t let her leave and he had been holding her for years. Again I was a bit taken back because this celebrity has been in so many movies that expose the darkness that my human was confused. Like damn not okay well it is what it is, thanks for playing your part. As I opened the portal to get us out of wherever we were (the background can sometimes get fussy for me in the astral because it’s all a hologram and my energies tend to shift those frequencies faster in the astral, it’s why I blow lightbulbs and heat up equipment in the 3/4 D) , I could feel him glaring at me and I just sent him love. I know that’s the best thing for me to do , not necessarily for him MORE so for me. Even in the astral you must always be mindful not to attach energy cords because those can really be tricky to detach. I wake back up to use the bathroom again drink some solar activated water and I’m back in another Dreamtime. I didn’t know that I was on weekend assignment and thought someone had spread the word because here I was in another celebrity Dreamtime. This one was a rapper and it was a younger version of him, and apparently I was assisting him in fixing timelines where he did some really shady things. My human was once again fascinated at who I was assigned to help and after I was done there was no big thank you (not that I need that) it was just like okay now I need to deal with the backlash when the karma comes through in real-time. I found out this week that for him it did , and while many people would probably be puzzled at how it turned out, I was happy that I was able to help . Also I think my guides showed me that so I could assure my human that the realities I play in at Dreamtime are just as real and impactful in these realms of reality as well.

My weekend ended with a freakin bang as the “celebrities” I assisted were so epic that even in the Dreamtime I kept saying the person’s name. My human fully fanned out as this was such a big deal for me, partly because I truly love his soul and the work he did here as a starseed pioneer and I honestly thought he had crossed over until sometime last year when I received information that his exit was staged for his protection which definitely isn’t uncommon on this planet. I joke with my guides that it’s like the galactic witness protection. It fascinates me how many people are still on this planet that don’t even remember their other lives much less know there are beings like myself from other Star systems sent here in these containers to help shift an entire planet! My apologies I’ve strayed from sharing my experience with this epic “celebrity” , and by the way I’m using quotations because I honestly don’t consider him a celebrity in the sense that he’s not a movie star or anything like that but he has played some major roles on this planet and it was an honor to support him. I also have to share that I mistook him for another iconic celebrity at first and by the end of the experience I realized that it was the both of them that I was assisting simultaneously. Coincidentally this celebrity has also been rumored to be in the “galactic” witness protection program, but many people hold on to the death of a soul as if it’s final so I try not to get caught up in who’s physically here and who’s not . I do always remember that there is some bit of truth wrapped up in a rumor and this experience proves how relevant that can be. I did have other experiences where I assisted family members and one school friend but those were more personal experiences that I’m sure you guys don’t want to here about because you have no clue who they are. I do realize that I didn’t necessarily share celebrity names but the experiences were still worth sharing at least in my opinion. I’ve been assisting others in Dreamtime for as long as I can remember and I’d say in the last decade or so I’ve been jumping into far more of these experiences to help shift the timelines, but this past weekend was definitely eventful!

As I continue to share my experiences with all of you it is my hope that if, and when these things begin to unfold for you , that you will take it is honor, purposefulness and definitely apart of your soul’s mission to fulfill and expand.

I’m currently working on the energies report for August with information coming in since last month and the last of it I believe will be in by today. I’ll see if I can get it all out together and edited to share by at least Friday night, fingers crossed. It’s currently cloudy and raining off and on here in NYC although the weather doesn’t say rain until tonight. I guess they can’t keep up with the charade anymore with anything as all these falsities coming crumbling down. I go out even if it’s raining so I have no problem dancing with the sylphs as they sprinkle drops on my head. I trust you all enjoyed my sharing . I’ll try to keep you posted on my astral adventures as they seem to be increasing with the events in this reality.

For all those on the “night shift” thank you for your service! HOLD THE LIGHT beloved ones! We got this!

As always I send you my BLESSINGS , my LOVE, and I call in the LIGHT! Namaste

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Walk-in are elected by the Oversoul which is who you truly are so there is no forcing and aspect in or out. When the soul is ready to expand on a higher frequency that the current aspect then a walk-in experience can happen. There are also contracted agreements between the light side and the night side as to which aspect can walk in to work through a cycled incarnation. I share these posts to encourage the exploration of the soul and it’s beautiful existence. Happy expansion! Namaste


Unknown member
Aug 11, 2020

I had to google what a walk in was, so does the walk out soul ever decide to come back?


Mary Anne Selvey
Mary Anne Selvey
Aug 07, 2020

Thank you for sharing!!! What an honor it is to be used this way!!! Love and blessings!!!


Thanks for sharing!

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