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LIGHT-workers UNITE!

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

We are at a RESTING period BEFORE the energies INCREASE once more !

Can you feel it?

Here is a FULL current Energy report and eclipse AFTERCARE guidance.

For NOW let’s talk about Last week’s EPIC Eclipse CEREMONY!

It was TRULY a POWERFUL and MAGICAL experience. It was also just the beginning. As we MUST continue to come together as LIGHT-workers to ANCHOR in the HIGHEST light for our beautiful EARTH MOTHER . Pachamama does so much for us and it is our responsibility as TRUE stewards of the Earth to SUPPORT her in any way we can. These process are also VERY beneficial for the COLLECTIVE as they too will benefit from the light.

Thank you to everyone who joined our “ROUND TABLE” of ANCHORING IN LIGHT on October 25th!

If you missed the first one and you would like to JOIN US for the FULL LUNAR ECLIPSE ENERGIES….Let’s DO IT AGAIN!

On November 8,2022 6pm(Arizona time zone) JOIN ME for an amazing experience of SCALAR HEALING & GUARDIAN GRID-WORK for MOTHER EARTH and the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS!

We will ANCHOR in the HIGHEST benevolent light as we move forward on our path of ASCENSION!

As the FOUNDERS/GUARDIANS have made it VERY clear to me …

“ Grid-work is imperative for ANY planetary ascension process, because the Earth will continue to SHIFT and transform for this STELLAR ASCENSION gateway that the collective is CURRENTLY in.”

I will also be sharing MORE messages from the FOUNDERS/GUARDIANS in regards to our collective’s TRUE origins , the TRUE malevolent forces involved in our prolonged amnesiac state and information on what to expect for 2023 and beyond.

So if you’re READY to ANCHOR in LIGHT by learning TRUE Grid-work techniques that the ANCIENTS used for more SUCCESS in achieving ASCENSION then ANSWER THE CALL NOW!

As a BONUS : Replay availability for ALL participants of the recording from October 25 comes with your registration!

It was an amazing transmission FILLED with light language codes, ascension timeline updates, messages from the Founders/Guardian and Grid-work techniques. ONCE your RESERVE your spot you will receive and ADDITIONAL email with the LINK to our FIRST ceremony. Remember linear time is of no matter and you are able to ANCHOR your light once you watch the recording.

In Munay Service

Shaman DestanyRaven


1 on 1 with SHAMAN DestanyRaven ?



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