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10/10 Gateway: The Portal is OPEN - A message to the Earth Ground Crew

The 10/10 Portal is the closing of a very long cycle of gestation before the collective consciousness can exit the womb of the dark mother’s nurturing care. For it is in this place of dark reflections many of you have developed out of the old third and fourth worlds, and are finding your way through the birth canal of NEW earth.

Right now many are in a period of mourning so what you may be feeling is the collective consciousness and all that it is purging. During these timelines it is important to not attach while you simply allow the emotions to flow . You must also remember to bring in joy , laughter and light to fill you up as you release.

You are guided to listen to 396 Hz for Liberation. Be gentle with yourself and definitely DO NOT connect yourself to any timelines that breeds hurting, hate, separation, doom and disparities .

ALL humanity have ANCESTORS in the STAR NATIONS, however most do not remember that their very DNA is rooted in the GALACTICS . As a STARSEED , LIGHT (body) WORKER and AWAKENED one , you all walk different roads but follow similar paths. The most significant is to SHARE your DEVELOPED individual gifts and talents, with those that are LED to you by their SOUL. In order to TRULY be of service you must FIRST clear your own energetic fields of distortion, lower frequency influences and primitive processes. Using your discernment requires a balanced connection to your emotional body. This comes through dedication and discipline, of shadow discovery and INTEGRATION. This does NOT mean you neither condemn or glorify your shadow but seek to innerstand it’s purposefulness so that it may be merged within. This process should never be rushed.

“Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. At all counts, it forms an unconscious snag, thwarting our most well-meant intentions.” (Carl Jung)

For those of you who struggle with the dysfunctional ways earthlings have been manipulated into living do not give up . All will REMEMBER the ONENESS in their own timelines. You incarnated to ASSIST ALL BEINGS on GAIA no matter where they are vibrationally . As you SHINE your LIGHT you will introduce them to HIGHER levels of consciousness.

You are PIONEERS of the ascension the ones that FIRST lead YOURSELF out of the unrestful chaotic violence of the lower worlds . THEN you can shower others with your LIGHT and lead them to HIGHER dimension of bliss, harmony, and LOVE in the HIGHEST realms of LIGHT. In order to LEAD others into the ascension BEYOND forces that try to prevent this you MUST be in your HIGH HEART ,for in this state of being you are WITHOUT judgment and fear.

Do what you must to ACTIVATE your Homo-luminous AVATARS. In the beginning this should be rigorously done, as if you were studying for the exam of your life, because in a sense you most certainly are. Devote your time to developing your spiritual practice with meditations, LIGHT encoded activations (language & art), Soul Retrieval Healing ,QHHT, Akashic Records Readings, Shamanic Vision Quest, Shadow Work, research of Ancient literature .

There should also be a focus on the physical body and what you are digesting . Feeding your body temple minerals, vitamins and liquids that restore the body from daily wear and tear is an essential component to spiritual growth. Remember the saying “ you are what you eat “. This doesn’t mean that you have to go completely raw vegan , because each individual’s body requires different things to sustain itself while we are currently navigating these densities in the flesh. However cleansing the body temple WEEKLY is highly recommended. Please always check with a medical professional ( preferably a natural naturopathic doctor or nutritionist ) that can give you all the information you need for your body.

SHED your old imbedded beliefs that have been heavily tainted by those that only choose service to self.

NOW is the time to STAND in your TRUE form as awakened ones!

This is most certainly the DAWNING of the AGE OF AQUARIUS. And YOU are BRINGERS of the LIGHT.

As ALWAYS Sending you Gratitude, Love and Calling in the LIGHT

S.D.R ( Shaman DestanyRaven)



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