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  • 2 hr
  • 234.56 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

The fragments and facets of you are connected as particles of living light essence from the ONE. When you enter the physical worlds it is a lower density and dimension from nonphysical states of existence.This process allows a soul to connect and experience the physical world in a more matched frequency of the sentient being they incarnate on in this case Terra-Nova (Earth).Among the many tools that were given and left by the ancients to assist humanity in its ascension experiment , the technique of soul retrieval was given to those who connected with the nonphysical world and played the role of bridge keepers to the lower fractal consciousness of the collective on earth . The purpose of a guide during the process of soul retrieval is to help the soul recover its fragments. We develop energetic coping mechanisms when the life experiences are traumatic or painful and cause emotional imbalances. As a result of this breakdown we experience a shift in our vitality, attachments to our realities that cause us to feel ungrounded and sometimes even uncomfortable in our bodies . Trauma can seep into our bodies from lower consciousness thoughts or emotions from events such as molestation, accidents, physical or mental abuse , a breakup of any relationship , even divorce or death as humans know it. When a person is experiencing these levels of defragmentation they are often tired or lethargic, have a high increase in negative talk (self or other), no sense of direction in their life and are unmotivated to try anything to change and in severe situations they experience memory loss. Traditionally it has been taught for the shaman to journey alone on the client’s behalf to the unseen world to retrieve the soul pieces. However I have been guided through my own soul retrieval process with shamans in this world and the next to include the client and to above ALL simply hold space. This process includes shamanic instruments that will put you into a journeying state (hypnotic trance ) to reconnect ALL parts that have been separated . Once the pieces are recovered there is a process of filling the space entirely with light rays. I chose whatever Ray intuitively comes to me whether it be the violet ray for transmutation or the green ray for healing. Often times I work with multiple color rays and I also invite spirit animals , and ascended (Rishi) consciousness to assist. This is done gently and lovingly and once achieved can uncover gifts and open up your TRUE lifepath.

Cancellation Policy

All LIVE SESSIONS ARE BOOKED 3 days in advance with a cancellation window of 1 week prior to scheduled appointment. PLEASE NOTE: NO SHOW (after 30 minutes wait) WILL BE A $55 charge sent to PayPal donation BEFORE rescheduling and 1-2 Week (manual) reschedule Or up to 1 month for rebooking depending on active schedule of Shaman. LIVE SESSIONS openings are also subject to change/rescheduling due to any mandatory speaking engagements, radio/tv interviews, retreats , or tours that Shaman Aurora DestanyRaven will do. Please send all SUPPORT inquiries to the CONTACT US section for any challenges with downloads or bookings. “I know things can come up and certainly there can be interferences when this work is being called to do. Please feel FREE to communicate with me so that I may know how to best assist you. “ In Munay Shaman

Contact Details

Phoenix, AZ, USA

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