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Quantum Clearing -Shamanic illumination

  • 2 hr
  • 333 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Shaman DestanyRaven is an initiated Shamanic practitioner with over two decades of experience in shadow work and other healing rituals . She incorporates the traditional earth based teachings of the Zulu, Andes, and indigenous cultures that shaman are taught, along with HIGHER galactic connections and those who structured the foundations of Shamanism from the Star Councils in the HIGHER dimensions of which her HIGHERSELF is a Galactic Shaman . In this session she works with her client’s "I am Presence" by transporting the client into the Quantum Realms to remove any blocks from their central body current (7 chakras) and 12th dimensional Avatar to ANCHOR luminous LIGHT into their four lower bodies( Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical) . By working with her skills of Alchemy, Gnosticism and High Priestess occult Mastery she guides the client through a series of processes that are not only instantly felt but also very SELF empowering as you receive a mini-lesson on how to facilitate these healing tools on yourself. Shaman DestanyRaven works with the Elements and their consciousness the Elementals in conjunction with any Ascended Masters Consciousness of the HIGHEST benevolent light. This session consists of traditional illumination ceremony and also advanced galactic/celestial shamanism : - Light Clearing 7 MAIN chakras & 12 strand/Chakra pillaring - Light Language Healing - Shamanic drumming, rattle, bells, Pi Stone,etc - sonically transmitted Light codes through “call back”(native chants) - fire elementals evoking for transmutation - Benevolent Angelic Rays for Healing -Crystal Single bowl 432 Hz, 528hz This session should be done in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and should be treated as an in person SACRED healing ceremony. If multiple sessions are required then AFTER the integration process is completed the client will be guided (HigherSelf ) to reconnect with Shaman DestanyRaven.

Cancellation Policy

All LIVE SESSIONS ARE BOOKED 3 days in advance with a cancellation window of 1 week prior to scheduled appointment. PLEASE NOTE: NO SHOW (after 30 minutes wait) WILL BE A $55 charge sent to PayPal donation BEFORE rescheduling and 1-2 Week (manual) reschedule Or up to 1 month for rebooking depending on active schedule of Shaman. LIVE SESSIONS openings are also subject to change/rescheduling due to any mandatory speaking engagements, radio/tv interviews, retreats , or tours that Shaman Aurora DestanyRaven will do. Please send all SUPPORT inquiries to the CONTACT US section for any challenges with downloads or bookings. “I know things can come up and certainly there can be interferences when this work is being called to do. Please feel FREE to communicate with me so that I may know how to best assist you. “ In Munay Shaman

Contact Details

Phoenix, AZ, USA

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