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Negative Implant Removal: J & Z Seals

  • 2 hr
  • 444 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

SERVICE WILL RESUME MAY 2024 J Seals or Death Seals are unnatural malevolent created implants that penetrate the 4 bodies( mental, physical,emotional and physical) . They are located on the left (receivers) side of the physical body and can cause pain and suffering in those regions of the body until removed. These seals are implanted into the energy of the Earth herself and anyone who comes into the reincarnation cycle by way of a birth canal contracts them. The purpose of these J seals or Death Seals is to keep the molecular structure locked into a 3rd dimensional consciousness and thus the body manifests physical dis-ease (even aging) mental and emotional dis-ease. This makes it impossible for most people to access more that 4 strands and can even pass through the genetic codes and cap the bloodline. This will show up as lots of suicide in the family line, heavy murder in the family lines as well as other physical traumas that go back to spiritual warfare foundations made from the J Seals. The Z Seals or negative Zeta Seals are equally likely to do the same things although the location of these seals are not initially in the physical body and only manifest themselves from the astral body then can come in different parts of the physical, mental, emotional body. It is my innerstanding that EVERYONE incarnated on Earth has these unnatural implants and MORE. However these are the ones at the top that the other connect to. If you are here it is because you believe you have these seals. TRUST that awareness! Summary of the process: I will first do a scan of your energy body then determine if you have both or just one (this is rare but not impossible, like I said most people have multiple lower implants) . If it is determined that you have both more than the main two , then you will need to book a separate session for any other implant removal at a discounted rate. I have created a PDF file (you receive AFTER booking ) for additional information . I also HIGHLY recommend you to do research on these Seals and other negative implants. The removal process I have been given by Celeste (my Arcturus HigherSelf) is done by using specific scalar frequencies, toning techniques and activated light language codes, in conjunction with any other tools I am guided to use. You will also receive AFTER care instructions including a shield techniques and a nurturing process to work with . See you soon!

Cancellation Policy

All LIVE SESSIONS ARE BOOKED 3 days in advance with a cancellation window of 1 week prior to scheduled appointment. PLEASE NOTE: NO SHOW (after 30 minutes wait) WILL BE A $55 charge sent to PayPal donation BEFORE rescheduling and 1-2 Week (manual) reschedule Or up to 1 month for rebooking depending on active schedule of Shaman. LIVE SESSIONS openings are also subject to change/rescheduling due to any mandatory speaking engagements, radio/tv interviews, retreats , or tours that Shaman Aurora DestanyRaven will do. Please send all SUPPORT inquiries to the CONTACT US section for any challenges with downloads or bookings. “I know things can come up and certainly there can be interferences when this work is being called to do. Please feel FREE to communicate with me so that I may know how to best assist you. “ In Munay Shaman

Contact Details

Phoenix, AZ, USA

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