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Galactic Akashic Records

  • 2 hr
  • 444 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

The Over(Inner)soul has MANY incarnations projected into the non-physical & physical realms of realities so to sit and do a FULL reading of this Akasha would take a lot of energy and time. So when I do these readings I ask for whichever incarnation aspect (Self) that is assisting to the TRUE ascension in this current lifecycle to step forward. There are two sides to the coin that is you. A yung/yin(feminine) side and a Yang ( masculine) side. These can be split/spliced/fragmented into dimensional concepts such as 1st and 2nd Dimensions (Elementals) all the way “up” to 15th Dimensions. The Yung/Yin energies connect in from your left side( heart ) and the Yang energies connect from the right (chi) side. Within these realms and dimensions of realities there are beings who may or may not be in physical density form. This is what is referred to as aspects or “HigherSelves” although INNER and they can start from the lower dimensions (what one would consider zero) and go all the way up to 15D(24 density) existence BEFORE going into the Cosmic Mind and God worlds . When we pass the 12th dimensions there is another perspective shift that takes you into a more Quantum viewpoint that is more STRONGLY related to densities however this is a bit more complex and would require more information to support your expansion on this subject. I would encourage you to do your own research if this is something that you wish to explore. There are more expansive concepts when you shift further than 15D (24 density) like the Elohei, Seraphei , Rishi, Children of the Child etc.. some have been written and recorded some have not and come directly from my Meta-Oversoul connection to Mother Goddess (E’iRa) Father God(ManA) or what many call Source Energy/The One (ManU). That would also be a lot of information to write at this time and would also bring us into a far deeper conversation. You are of course ALWAYS welcome to explore this and any other questions with your HigherSelf (once I assist with the “reintroduction” ) and gain your own clarity. The purpose of this session is to assist you in rebuilding the connection with the aspects (HigherSelves) that have presented themselves to me to help you/them ascend . You are also encouraged to seek other ways of bringing ALL aspects into your awareness on your own , with the help of your “gatekeeper”. I know this term has been distorted and gives the appearance of something outside of you but I can assure you it is NOT. All is ONE !

Cancellation Policy

All LIVE SESSIONS ARE BOOKED 3 days in advance with a cancellation window of 1 week prior to scheduled appointment. PLEASE NOTE: NO SHOW (after 30 minutes wait) WILL BE A $55 charge sent to PayPal donation BEFORE rescheduling and 1-2 Week (manual) reschedule Or up to 1 month for rebooking depending on active schedule of Shaman. LIVE SESSIONS openings are also subject to change/rescheduling due to any mandatory speaking engagements, radio/tv interviews, retreats , or tours that Shaman Aurora DestanyRaven will do. Please send all SUPPORT inquiries to the CONTACT US section for any challenges with downloads or bookings. “I know things can come up and certainly there can be interferences when this work is being called to do. Please feel FREE to communicate with me so that I may know how to best assist you. “ In Munay Shaman

Contact Details

Phoenix, AZ, USA

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