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Do you Remember that you are LIGHT?

One of the things that many hue-man beings forget when incarnating in the 3rd dimension is that they are NOT their bodies, their gender, or their skin color. We are ALL of the LIGHT. The SOURCE energy of ALL THAT IS , simply projecting that light into this holographic universe. This doesn’t take away from the nature of our realities. However the remembrance of this HIGHER level of truth can be healing, empowering and transforming.

This guided Shamanic Journey will transport you out of your physical form and reconnect you to the awareness of your spiritual self as a being of SOURCE light.

This technique can be (and is highly recommended) used as a DAILY practice or a NIGHTLY practice to assist you. Always remember to journal your experiences . Trust in the process and GROUND after EACH listening.

Enjoy your remembrance!

In Munay

Galactic Shaman-Aurora DestanyRaven

Remember Your Light Activation

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