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This journey to the quantum realm, was originally recorded during the grand cardinal portal and New Moon /Sun in Cancer, digitally remastered with added sound frequencies and converted to audio. In this journey participants were taken in their rainbow light body to the quantum realms, to connect with the dimensional versions of themselves of their highest desire. This journey is a very potent process and since you will be using your rainbow light body to accelerate your energies you can experience a very rapid SHIFT in your reality. This means you will see your life transform in a shorter amount of time. So if you get the urge to call someone, go somewhere or do something AFTER listening to this journey then DO IT! This also means that you will be anchoring in higher faster light so you will be able to tap into your strands of DNA that have been dormant. For this specific reason, this journey should ONLY be listened to up to three times a week.


Side effects of this process may include : deeper clearing, more vivid/lucid dreaming, contact with HIGHER self/Star family , faster realities, and more acute awareness to your surroundings. If you are a person that is highly empathic (like many are opening up to being) meaning you are sensitive to energy then it is truly important that once you listen to this journey, you take the time to go OUTSIDE (for at least an hour) and ground your energies into the earth. Do some breathing, walk around bare feet , sit with your back to a tree, or lay down flat on the earth. Please also know that I am here should you desire to reach out to me with any other questions that may arise as a result of working with this transmission.


Overall enjoy yourself. Remember these energies are you and you were simply coming home to yourself.

Enjoy your new timeline.

And so it is.

In Munay

Galactic Shaman - Aurora DestanyRaven

Quantum Realm Shamanic Journey : Manifesting w/Rainbow LightBody

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