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Devas Mer-Ka-Ba :Octahedron of Light

As DIVINE beings in physical form we have the ability to tap into so many facets as sparks of SOURCE. One of these abilities is our energy vehicles that we us to connect or transport us to many realms and dimensions. You will come to remember that our consciousness exists in multiple dimensions .

I have been guided by the Spiritual HIGH councils and Gaia (7D Earth Body) to share a process that will allow you to FULLY activate one of these vehicles. This Devas Mer-Ka-Ba Activation or what is known as the Octahedron of Light will allow you to connect to the Elemental /Deva kingdom and re-encrypt your connection with Mother Earth . This activation will connect you to the elemental energy and your soul consciousness at this level.

Once you have done this activation you will begin to see orbs of light that are actually Octahedron vehicles that form from the subtle energy bodies of the devic kingdom beings

This Octahedron vehicle is one of 3 that humans can also produce.

It is highly recommended that you do this activation in nature. Remember although you are working with this specific technique of activating your MerKaBa it will NOT sedate you .

However being in nature will connect you to these higher densities while keeping you anchored to this 3D dimensional space. So find a tree place you back to it , sit in the grass or anywhere that is comfortable.

Have fun!

Octahedron Of Light Activation(Deva Mer-Ka-Ba)

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