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Your Soul Dragon is an aspect of your 12th dimensional consciousness. This benevolent spirit is also known as your counterpart and is a guardian of your soul as it enters the lower worlds.

In my recent Dragon Master Class I took the participants on a shamanic journey through our Great Central sun and up into the 12th dimension where they were aligned with their own Soul’s Dragon. Doing the master class came with MANY key-code activation for the participants. And I would strongly recommend you sign up for the next class ( by becoming a members of my website you will be notified FIRST when new classes are added) . However I have been guided to offer the recording session from the journey . If you have ever been called to connect with the dragons and you would like this opportunity to be guided by a facilitator like myself then take advantage of this offer now!

This download will be a available online for a limited time and there will only be a certain amount of digital copies available. You are encouraged to listen to the transmission as many times as you like. Once every 24 hrs to give yourself time to clear, shift and integrate.

Please keep in mind that the energy was very high during the transmission and there is some slight feedback in the mic. I tried my best to level it out with my editing software and added more solfeggio frequencies to boost the experience. Overall those that have already listened to it (former participants) so far have had no complaints in connection and receiving the downloads.

Enjoy this NEW timeline!

Sending Love from the arms of the Dragons!

Meet your SOUL Dragon (shamanic journey )

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