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This Light Language Activation is compromised of a LIVE uploaded channeling from my Lyran and Sirian aspects and shared on my social media platforms. It has been remastered with dolphin sound waves and solfeggio frequencies of 852 Hz , 963 Hz, and solar energy codes . I originally created this for my Patreon membership, however the sounds we so amazing and transcendental that I was guided to share them here for anyone who has a STRONG connection to the Sirius Star family and the Lyran Star family. 

If you know the origin story of connection between the Lyrans and the Sirians then you will be familiar with some of these crossed dialects will be very helpful to you. If you are unaware then I encourage you to do some research on the Galactic Wars and the Alliances formed as a result of these challenging timelines. I also TRUST that this will help to call forth those HIGHERSELF remembrances !

💫May you continue to UNLOCK the MAGIC inside! 
 In Munay 🌹Sat Nam 🙏🏾
Shaman DestanyRaven

Lysirian Light Language

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