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The Council of 9 have been showing up in our 3rd dimensional time matrix since the beginning of its inception. For many their presence is felt in ripples and waves. In my experience (and how the energy is presented to me) “they” are US at a higher density, as the ALL is the ONE . In my recent Elementals Master Class I reintroduced the participants to the Council of 9 . Through this Galactic Shamanic Journey we connected to the Ether and the amazing SOURCE of energy that is present throughout to support ALL aspects. I have been guided to share this journey on my website to anyone who is OPEN to receive.

If you are reading this then it means your Higher Self has LED you to this OPEN path! I encourage you to ENTER so that you can be EMBRACED by the BENEVOLENT light of the Council of 9.

This journey is SET as an ACTIVATION of your DEA (Divine Etheric Angelic-form) and coincides with your human DNA activating triple helix frequencies. Designed to ASSIST with your ASCENSION!

When listening to this transmission it is important to treat this as you would a LIVE session. This means to be sure you are in a space and place where you will NOT be disturbed. JOURNAL directly AFTER the transmission is completed. REST if you are guided to. Give yourself at least 48hrs for integration.

DO NOT OPERATE ANY MACHINERY or VEHICLES while listening to this transmission.

You only need to listen ONCE to receive the codes. HOWEVER you are welcome to return to this transmission ANYTIME you are guided to. As EACH time you listen you will experience NEW waveforms and streams of energy to integrate.

Enjoy the NEW timelines!

In Munay Service to the Oneness

Galactic Shaman- Aurora DestanyRaven

DEA Activation with the COUCIL of 9 (shamanic journey )

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