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I have been guided to share an advanced technique that I teach (starting 2023) to my shamanic apprentice for the purpose of planetary Grid-Work . This activation is a very powerful protection technique that can be used to shield your home , your neighborhood even your state. Once you practice this technique (daily) for at least six months, it can be used even further out. Please be mindful that this process may seem simple, however it is quite advanced. We have within us the ability to anchor light from our local Star System, however this is a disciplined process that many Type 1 civilizations are able to do as a collective, while we as individuals are still working to remember we even have this light capacity.

I learned / retrieved this technique from the Arcturus collective when I was sent to do Grid-Work in Maui , Hawaii in 2019 and have since expanded on it after learning some of the Guardians teachings and Wing Makers information to pull from the Akashic Records . This will be something that you expand on as well when you are guided to in your own time once you have fully embodied your Christ-Avatar consciousness.

Please keep in mind that each experience will vary so if you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious about working with these energies TAKE YOUR TIME.

As a fellow Grid-Keeper I am always here if you have any questions regarding this process and any others I shared in the future.

Cosmic Energetic Field Activation

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