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This Atonement can be used as a GridWorker or as a template for building a closer connection to the Tree Kingdom.

When you unlock Avalonian magic the inner realms of Light reveal themselves through specific patterns of symbols which encode a mysterium tremendum matrix. Through focused visualization these symbols can be configured and activated within the human mind-body to enable us to communicate across the planes of consciousness.

This attunement aligns you with the energies of the 3 Hallows of Logres . These are known as the Stone, the Grail and the Star. While this atonement comes directly from the Ethereal Realms of the 12th dimension where Avalon is located it has been simplified for the mortal realm yet still has a potent and profound effects.

When used with respect and benevolent intentions, it can open you to the powerful stream of spiritual energy that you can utilize to influence increasing energy flow through the trees,roots, trunk, and crown of the Tree Kingdom beings and World Tree. This atonement is directly connected to Druid beliefs and Celtic Shamanism teachings from the old world. It was gifted to me by my parallel self “Sidhe” currently in Avalon.

This atonement MUST BE DONE OUTSIDE, if you are in colder climates at the time you purchase this item then WAIT for the warmest day of the week, dress warm and GO OUTSIDE.

Find a tree, sit with your back up against (if you are not near any trees then sit on the ground, you may use a thin sheet or blanket for comfort if there is no grass) and ENJOY!

Avalon Atonement : 3 Hallows of Logres

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