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When working to achieve the highest levels of healing there can be experiences where your light-body and auric field need adjustment and additional support in order to maintain Perfect Health . The reason for this is because of the fact that our physical bodies have been conditioned to operating at a lower frequency through lifetimes of genetic tampering , chemical warfare and disease. The Arcturus Healing pod is an advanced form of Evolutionary Biological technology. This process is designed for Regeneration and Restoration to your Original Divine Blueprint .

According to Celeste The Arcturus collective reside mostly in the Higher benevolent vibrations of unconditional love and Source energy alchemy. When I first began developing spiritually my ‘ Med Team’ from the 9th -12th dimensions of Arcturus (star system )would come to assist me . This was always after a lengthy energy work week or even when I do personal development and training . Over the years they show up whenever I do GridWork or Rites of passage . The Arcturus collective worked with me on my light body as recently as when I began offering negative Implant removals in person for clients.

This healing chamber will function as an optimal tool for healing and the spiritual development process. These technologies were once used with the Hyperbornean about 200,000,000 years to materialize into more lower matter form. These were the ‘Seeding one’ of the Angelic Humans on Earth. At that time the Arcturus collective was very active in the Earth progress until the reptilian forces took over.

The Arcturians are offering us their powerful healing pods for recalibration, regeneration and restoration to our original divine blueprint of Perfect Health. This will be done aboard their cohabited Light Ship ATHENA stationed in and around our Milky Way Galaxy.

You will feel optimal performance as you work with these high frequency waved Pods , of the Arcturian technology as it works in restoring you back to your original vibration.

This process is sectioned into 4 levels and takes about 20-30 minutes (recording is 20 minutes and sensory stimulation process can take up to 10 minutes to complete)

The Levels are as follows:

* Level 1 - Clear Distorted Frequencies

* Level 2 - Restore and Recharge your Light Vessel

* Level 3 - 3rd Density Scanner to pinpoint clusters of distorted frequency, disharmony, negative imprints and particle heaviness

* Level 4 - Recalibration to original divine blueprint AVATAR consciousness (12D tonal scale and particle waveform)

Please note this process works in conjunction with your current stage of spiritual development such as , shadow work, detoxification, negative implant removal and any other forms of spiritual awakening. It is NOT a bypass to any of the listed areas of spiritual development.

The Healing Chamber must be visited for 3 days and will continue to lift your vibration and clear blocks in the physical body when the process is completed. As your awareness to your multidimensionality increases you will see the merge of your physical body and higher bodies. As your commitment to upgrade comes more naturally, your body will help you to clear on many levels of consciousness where there has been hijacking and distortion. You will see massive improvements over time, so be prepared for the NEW you!

Recalibration is a TOP asset in the higher dimensions and is used to flush out any negative lower attachments that are not based in the pure Love/Light frequency of your energy fields.

The outcome will be the highest benevolent keycodes of perfect health . FIRST onto the more carbon based human DNA that carries the old imprints of suffering and wounding. Once this happens the Angelic Humans will once again be able to anchor more of the organic divine blueprint into the biological system through this advanced light technology . This process is gentle and will slowly clear out all distortion and disharmony. The Arcturus collective have mastered this process since they themselves cleared their collective mutations over millions of years ago . Through this powerful and beautiful high frequency healing pod system.

REMEMBER we are LIVING LIGHT beings having a human experience. As we recalibrate our energy back to divine harmony and bring in the higher frequencies of perfect health, we align our atoms and molecules with that vibration and imprint the old human carbon based hologram with the new high frequency density 3 (Avatar) operating system which allows for us to create rapid growth at the speed of light.

You may do this process at least once a month and DO NOT exceed 3 times for the 28 day cycle. This procedure is ideal for someone actively working to heal themselves and is especially useful for those who are practitioners. As with all advanced techniques there is a great chance that you will find yourself in a very relaxed and lucid state. PLEASE DO NOT OPERATE ANY HEAVY MACHINERY WHILE LISTENING TO THIS RECORDING.


Arcturian Healing Chamber (POD)

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