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Do you remember Lemuria and Atlantis?

These great empires and flourishing spiritual colonies played a pivotal role in so much of our planet’s evolution. Yet there is very little documented knowledge about these ancient civilizations. Some say that our modern governments are holding back more information than they share in regards to these time periods. Others believe the knowledge is stored within the cellular memory of each soul currently walking the planet today.

Over my many years of self study and development I have been dedicated and disciplined in retrieving memories of these specific incarnations to name a few. I have also done my due diligence and researched many other who have recovered similar memories and experiences. I have even had the pleasure of working with many clients with their own recollections of these lost and forgotten civilizations.

For those who do remember bits and pieces of these incarnations there can arise a sense of unrest, phobias are water or being in closed spaces, and even any form of flames such as even a candle. In the world of metaphysics we now know that our souls indeed incarnate over and over . We are also aware that sometimes the trauma from the previous incarnation somehow becomes imbedded into our consciousness and has an effect on our current lifecycle.

Using a process of shamanic vision questing I assist those who are guided to me to access the Akashic Records (a metaphysical database and living energy intelligence that stores ALL information in regards to individual soul existence and extends out to knowledge of origins throughout galaxies, solar systems and universes) . As an Akashic Librarian for over a decade I have been able to access key information in regards to various subjects including physical and spiritual phenomena in a person’s life. This method is often done through remote connections over Zoom or other similar applications. However I have recently been converting these live experiences into prerecorded audio files. This is to be of service to more people and to allow those who may not be yet ready to work with me in a mentoring environment (where I usually offer these services) .

Many of us are feeling the call to ACCESS our HIGHER codes (12 strands of DNA) and in my experience the best way to do this is to FIRST clear any lower entanglements. The trauma that was seeded in both Lemuria and Atlantis still live on in many. It is my hope ,and through the guidance of Higher Self and the Councils of Light that this process will assist MANY in the journey HOME to HIGHER consciousness. If you are reading this then there is NO accident. The time is NOW!


This recording is layered with solfeggio frequencies, LIVE recorded Crystal singing Bowl and Light Codes for healing. PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE, OPERATE ANY MACHINERY, or DO ANY ACTIVITIES THAT REQUIRE FULL FOCUS AND COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS.

Akashic Records Shamnic Healing -Journey to Lemuria and Atlantis

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