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🌹During my recent LIGHT LANGUAGE MASTER CLASS the participants were gifted with a POWERFUL Akashic Records Clearing with THE HATHORS to release any blocks around the Throat Portal.

🌹This process helps to bring your “SOUL TONGUE “ as the Hathors call it , into FULL alignment so that you may begin SPEAKING the Language of Light. This can also help to INCREASE your abilities if you are already tapped in to Light Language, as there are MANY levels to choose from .

🌹As an Akashic Librarian I will take you into your records room and the Hathors will administer the clearing process. Once this is completed you WILL be forever CHANGED!

🌹REMEMBER you are guided HERE for a purpose!


Enjoy the opportunity to enter this NEW timeline beloved ones!

💫May you continue to UNLOCK the MAGIC inside!

In Munay 🌹Sat Nam 🙏🏾

Shaman DestanyRaven

Akashic Records Clearing with the Hathors- ACTIVATE your Light Language

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