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Rose Atonement

  • 1 h
  • 144 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

The Rose Lineage is connected to the E'irA (feminine) and (Divine Mother Cosmic Consciousness) of SOURCE oneness (ManU). It has manifested in many forms around the world since the Dawn of time and as far back as we can remember. Through the essence of the plant kingdom and many other symbolisms the Rose Lineage lives and breaths for eternity. The FULL benevolent collective of the Divine Feminine will be felt and embodied once this atonement is initiated! This is a wonderful modality for ANYONE (women and men) wishing to HEAL and ANCHOR divine feminine benevolent LIGHT! This can also be used to do necessary GRID-work on Earth to assist with the TRUE Ascension Cycle we are currently experiencing. (If you resonate with this PLEASE go with your INNER guidance). Working with intelligent energies or what people commonly refer to as Reiki is something that everyone on the planet SHOULD know the basics of. Especially if you believe that we are ALL THAT IS , truly having access to HIGHER light. Over many years of doing spiritual development courses I have always included these forms of practice because KNOWING this HIGH level of awareness to the subtle realms around us can be a KEY component to your expansion. EVERYTHING is indeed energy and that’s not speculation that is SCIENCE (physics). While taking on the responsibilities and dedication of a mentorship may not be right for everyone, I wanted to offer a way to still gain insight while working with subtle energies and progressing at an individuals desired pace. Traditional Usui Reiki has become a very commercialized/colonized experience for many. However for the most part if the ORGANIC traditions are held it truly serves those guided to this process. Over the years I have expanded to working with other energy intelligence that are more DIRECTLY connected to the PRIMAL sound and light fields of cosmic consciousness. These beautiful expressions of SOURCE can be felt at a greater distance and HIGHER in transmissions. As a facilitator I have witnessed the transformation to the MIND/BODY/Souls that align with these energies and it is truly amazing and REVOLUTIONARY. This session will include LIVE atonement, nurturing audio and if necessary a FOLLOW-Up attunement to encourage stabilization and anchoring of these intelligent cosmic consciousness into the physical body. You will also receive a certificate of completion and PDF instructions to administer these energies to others or land as a Practitioner

Cancellation Policy

All LIVE SESSIONS ARE BOOKED 3 days in advance with a cancellation window of 1 week prior to scheduled appointment. PLEASE NOTE: NO SHOW (after 30 minutes wait) WILL BE A $55 charge sent to PayPal donation BEFORE rescheduling and 1-2 Week (manual) reschedule Or up to 1 month for rebooking depending on active schedule of Shaman. LIVE SESSIONS openings are also subject to change/rescheduling due to any mandatory speaking engagements, radio/tv interviews, retreats , or tours that Shaman Aurora DestanyRaven will do. Please send all SUPPORT inquiries to the CONTACT US section for any challenges with downloads or bookings. “I know things can come up and certainly there can be interferences when this work is being called to do. Please feel FREE to communicate with me so that I may know how to best assist you. “ In Munay Shaman

Contact Details

Phoenix, AZ, USA

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