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Your 5th chakra is your communication outlet, FIRST with yourself , and then with the outer world around you .When this chakra is aligned and activated then DIVINITY speaks through you. You speak your truth and express yourself, without compromising your integrity or worrying about what anyone thinks.



  • THROAT CHAKRA (Vishuddha) ACTIVATION Vishuddha means “especially pure” , that which is untainted by lower frequencies influence CONTAINS Light Language spoken in soul tongue 

(This is a 28 day commitment for MAXIMUM results an is concidered a SELF develoment COURSE)

This guided meditation is designed as a daily practice to be used consistently without skipping a day for the next 28 days

This commitment has been proven to be the most effective for connecting you awareness to your Ajana state of awareness

You are also guided to journal for the 28 day period, by doing so you will not only document the many shifts that will occur in you realities as a result of listening to this activation but you will also assist in raise your frequencies to be a vibrational match to the abilities that will unlock by working with your light in a focused process.

Vishuddha (Throat Chakra) Activation

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