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Remastered: Inner Child Healing & Integration


The Inner Child is our true essence and pure connection to the God Spark within. This is because as children we come into the natural world connected to the memory of our divinity. However as time goes on and the saturated lower projections begin to challenge the very nature of our true existence we forget the oneness. Overtime many people are subjugated into “growing up” and abandoning the innocence we know as children. This can be through a number of traumatic experiences that occur throughout the child or adolescent stages. When these challenges are not met with love and healing they can create everything from displaced emotions of fear, anger, hurt, bitterness, resentment and can even cause mild to moderate dis-ease in the body temple.


After many years of healing her own Inner Child traumas , Shaman DestanyRaven has developed a process using the Quantum technique of Non-locality transports you outside of time to connect with your Inner Child. For those who have used this process the experience is life changing and can absolutely shift the trajectory of your life in a very positive direction.


BEFORE LISTENING to this recording please find a photograph of yourself at the age you wish to heal and integrate. For example : if you have had trauma around your BIRTH through middle school age you may use a photo from any of these timelines. Sit with the photographer for at least 15 minutes in silence and take in all the details. The facial features, the hairstyle, the clothing, where the photo was taken, etc.., the more you can retain the better.


The reason for this is so that this aspect of yourself can meet you feeling safe and recognized. Many people have unconsciously put the inner child in the lowest parts of the subconscious and have forgotten about it to help deal with the trauma. You can do this session as many timelines as you need to , meaning you can find different aspects of the inner child at different stages and call these fragments home to your soul.



PLEASE BE ADVISED that this healing session is recorded in the same way a LIVE session would be performed, by putting you into a deep Theta Wave Subliminal DEEP Trance ,that will heavily sedate you. There is also HEAVY layering of Solfeggio frequencies, shamanic drumming, flutes, flowing water, and nature sounds .


Please DO NOT LISTEN to this recording while operating any motorized vehicles or anything that requires clear cognitive abilities.

Inner Child Healing - Shamanic Journey

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