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When I was called to the path and began to explore the Druid lineage I found evidence that stems from Glastonbury all the way passed the Asian regions. With legends and stories of great men and women known as priests and priestesses of the Order , this "collective" of souls are skillful magicians and are called upon to do magnificent work in the worlds above,middle and below.


If you were led to this initiation it is because your soul remembers this sacred brother/sisterhood and you are ready in this incarnation to pick up the mantel once more. This initiation takes place in beautiful Avalon,that is still in existence to this very day. Due to their achieved ascension,the Avalonians can only be reached through sacred ceremonies of higher consciousness. This initiation is designed to take you to Avalon through the astral planes where you will reconnect your dormant codes as a DRIUD of the ORDER.


Please treat this as you would any other initiation as this is a sacred Rite of passage 

This means to be sure you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed 

You should be seated on a chair with your feet firm on the ground 

Your spine straight but relaxed 

And your palms up and ready to receive 


Druid Magick  (Priest/Priestess Initiation)

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