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Opening AVAILABILITY (1/1/24)

This service is offered ONLY during the times of HIGH influx of energies that come into our planet at pivotal KEY point. So if you are seeing this then it means the the CODES coming in NOW are VERY much connected to the ASCENDING EARTH and all those choosing this path. These LIGHT CODES are VERY potent and POWERFUL , so if you’ve never experienced my light language prior to this I ENCOURAGE you to go to my YouTube and watch a few of my videos and see how you respond.

Once integrated these CUSTOM CODES will bring Quantum Leaps to anyone who wish to fast track their ascension process. There will only be a specific number of 11 people ( or more if guided by Higher benevolent consciousness) for these activations given . As this will require a great deal of energy work on my part. I will be combining all of my many years of experiences of working with intelligent energies (Multiple Reikis), Higher benevolent Bio-Regenesis Scalar techniques , Ancient Initiations and Galactic activations to bring through UNIVERSAL, COSMIC and SOLAR energies to assist in clearing, healing and facilitating 12 strand DNA upgrades of your energy bodies, physical body, mental & emotional body . As well as any telepathic channeling messages from you HIGHER benevolent aspects (collective) and guides .

“I am told by the Council of Light that once this process is done the activations will decode in waves. So these AUDIO activation process can be listened to multiple times over the course of your entire incarnation ,so long after these Portal energies have subsided . “

Each activation will be made of sound and motion alchemy (scalar technology) , and as ALWAYS contains Mastery Reiki of Traditional (Usui) , Rose, Light of Lemuria, Blue Star Rays , and Shkm (Egyptian Reiki) charged.

The ACTIVATION will also be including ,solfeggio frequencies, shamanic drumming, rattling, vocal toning, guided breath work, and crystal singing bowl 528hz. Each activation will come as a channeling from a specific aspect of your Oversoul that connects through Somnovision (Cosmic Telepathy) to activate codes within each person and their specific process and desired HIGHEST timelines .

Shaman Aurora DestanyRaven is able to speak multiple Star languages in addition to bringing QiGong energies through galactic mudras to AMPLIFY her activations. So you may hear MANY different languages of light during your transmission in addition to any channeled messages from your guides.

The LIGHT CODES will be a audio LINKED that can last up to 15 minutes depending on the downloaded transmission. Or can be split into 3 to 5 smaller recordings.

AFTER you have made your purchase you will receive your CUSTOM activation codes within 3 BUSINESS days through email. In ADDITION you are more than welcome to reach out through the “contact us” for any questions or integration process techniques.

Please be mindful that these activations are HIGHLY potent and are to be used ONLY when you are TRULY ready to take a QUANTUM LEAP in your ascension. I work with SOURCE light of the HIGHEST benevolent order , the ORIGINAL creators of our Soul. I HONOR and abide by COSMIC LAW of SOVEREIGNTY and DIVINE ONENESS.

In Munay

Shaman DestanyRaven


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