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Many people know of the main chakra system, how there is an awareness that can be added in regards to the connections of the 12 Strands of DNA and how these Gene codes can serve us in the HIGHEST benevolent light.

12 STRAND DNA AWAKENING Activation consists of KEY-codes from * (5 Root Races and 7 Cloister Race in relation to the 7 main Chakras along with the Gene codes connected to the Higher Orders and Councils from Dimensions 10 through the “God worlds” for the Higher strands 7- 12)

This Awakening Activation was created FIRST for the participants of my ASCENSION PROTOCOL mentorship. THEN it was guided to be shared with ANYONE who resonated with the process. It is a VERY potent activation that helps you access the CELL MEMORY of your dormant STRANDS and the Gene-Codes they are connected to. Most humans are activated to 2 or 3 STRANDS at best ( as a result of some of the etheric groups mentioned below) and while many are aware of the more “ cosmic” dna and the chakras connected to them very few know how to access them. During this guided process you will connect to the GALACTIC lineage of various different higher dimensional soul groups . These etheric beings exist without matter density and about 550,000,000 years ago spent time on our planet. It would take roughly 250,000,000 years for these beings to organically begin reseeding their DNA in the Earth. Remember that we are all SOULS not yet of physical density until we come into contact with a lower waveform and project that replication. Once these organisms become more stable the 12 Tribes we now know and have heard of came from these original sources.Through this ACTIVATION you will reconnect with these races including the “cloistered” tribes (collectives) that are represented as “guardians”.

Of the 12 tribes 7 soul imprint manifested eight strands within the HIGHER molecule structure of the body. These were represented in our “central line “ known as our “seven main chakras” . The five remaining soul groups were of higher density and didn’t contain the body forms we know as human. They had no gender and would appear to us as translucent or ghosts like. It took these about 200,000,000 years to materialize into more lower matter form.


They became known as the FIRST seedings or :

Hyperbornea /blue-black skinned / 1 strand (Root)

The remaining Races were:

Ur-Antrians /brown skinned / strand 2(Sacral)

Breanoua / red skinned / 3 strand (Solar plexus)

Hibiru / pale-white skinned /4 strand (Heart)

Melchizedeks / yellow skinned/ 5 strand ( throat)

Yunaseti-black skinned / 6 strand (third eye)

Paladorians / incorporeal / 7-12 strand (Crown)

“The Cloistered races populated the Earth for many generations, creating various racial mixtures through which many of the lost souls of Tara were able to ascend. This period of great civilization became known as the Second World (250-25 million years ago) within your present Native American Cul-tures. Many of these souls ascended. Those who digressed returned to the Sphere of Amenti to re-birth on Earth in the particle universe as members of the Root Races. The First World represented the original Turaneusiam cultures of Tara (560-550 million YA). The Palaidorian Cloister races left no remnants in your present world, for they evolved within the faster moving time bands of Earth, within the anti-particle universe. The morphogenetic fields of those races were then drawn into your particle-Earth and out of these came the next evolutionary stage.”

- Voyagers The Secrets of Amenti by A. Deane

Some of these names may be familiar to you and some you may not have a memory of however you will most certainly feels the connection.

REMEMBER this activation will awaken and/or enhance your 12 Strand DNA access and capabilities. This is a gentle and safe spiritual process.

You are encouraged to listen to this recording ONCE a day for 30 days .

Make sure to journal your experience after EACH listening , drink plenty of water and rest.

Have fun! Enjoy your NEW timelines! A’Ho!

In Munay, Shaman Aurora-DestanyRaven


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