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Welcome to 2022 the Year of GRAND awakenings!

Today’s 1/1 GALACTIC ACTIVATION Portal opens to NEW BEGINNINGS, as it does every year!

I’ve been receiving literally a “series“ of messages that I will share with all of you in the coming weeks ahead . So let’s begin with what the energies of 2022 are starting to reveal, then I will share some visions and direct communications from the COUNCILS of the HIGHEST LIGHT such as the EMERALD COVENANT, the ANCIENT PATEL, and many other beings from other universes that I have been in communication with since 2015( and from a higher perspective since birth).

I just want to briefly mention that MANY who receive their informations from the GALACTIC federation , etc.., are indeed communicating with these HIGHER benevolent races . However this is about frequencies and vibration and you will only be aware of that which you are vibrating at. This does not mean that there aren’t energies above that feeding information through the channels you connect to. They have asked me to begin expanding on these concepts more as MANY of you have reach a place to RECEIVE these inputs NOW!

More on this soon! Maybe in a podcast or a sit down video so stay TUNED IN!

Now on to 2022……

Setting your intentions in this 1/1 GALACTIC PORTAL will help AMPLIFY its potency for the FULL year, so think BIG and then GO FOR IT!!

When connecting to the COUNCILS of LIGHT and my HIGHERSELF the guidance is that for 2022 we are asked (and assisted ) by the DIVINE to FULLY embody HIGHER consciousness . This is so that we may ANCHOR the templates of joy and bliss into humanity. Our collective consciousness has the ability to accomplish something so magnificent that many other universes are coming to support us this year to ensure the HIGHEST TIMELINES of the DIVINE PLAN is succeeded.

So look out for more ET CONTACT in the physical! Yes they show me MANY of you having face to face interaction. They also showed me more mass sightings, reports from local and global outlets. There’s also some type of televised announcement that seems like a conference of some kind ,that will definitely drop the jaws of those still not awakened to the magnitude of what is REALLY unfolding.

REMEMBER that as these events and things happen,to be gentle with yourself and others. Make time to play, to love, to laugh, and to have and share your gratitude with ALL.

This will CONTINUE to be a BIG year for COUPLES ,so for those ready to take on these roles as SACRED partners ,the doors of these connections are open to you. These relationships will be witnessed by all as having more heart centered bonds , mature emotional communication, REAL public displays of affection(not set up by the influence of a camera) . These romantic gestures for one another will send ripples of LOVE-LIGHT into the hearts of all who bare witness. These POWERFUL couples will anchor their COLLECTIVE CHRISTOS (which means anointed light) into the auric fields of humanity as many great MASTERS in UNIONS have done in the past. So be OPEN to RECEIVE and TRUST that as you align to your HIGHEST LIGHT you will be in UNION with ONE who has do this as well.

When setting your goals this year of 2022 REMEMBER to make time to expand your LIGHT. Feel into what will serve this goal and take inspired actions towards accomplishing it!

If there is any PERSON, PLACE or THING that you left in 2021, then BE AT PEACE with it. KNOWING that all things return to the SOURCE and we benefit from EVERY aspect of this process.

As ALWAYS I am here to assist ANYONE who is guided to me by spirit!

If you’re at all interested in WORKING WITH ME or utilizing any of my QUANTUM effective modalities you can find ALL you desire on my website:


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jan 01, 2022

That was magnificent, Dear One! Thank you so much!

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