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The Violet Flame and YOU!

This morning I was awoken at 3:03am by a beautiful Dark Violet Ray of Light that cascaded across my ceiling. I instantly went into vision . As I did I saw this beautiful Dark Violet light shift to rainbow as it began to descend from the higher dimensional space of 5th density when it reached the 3rd dimension I saw a thick Ruby color rising from the Earth.

It moved towards me passing the mountain tops far west and covering the rocks that were once tan to now a dark then light red hue. I was aware that it had come from higher altitude (California all the way through Sedona area) and came directly to merge with the Valley of the sun ( Phoenix) to explode an Ultra Violet light . My body shook for about a minute or so until Candy ( my cat)  jumped on my bed and laid down on top of my feet. He often does this to help me stay grounded while anchoring higher light because I’ve been known to shoot straight out my body with no hesitation.

Then I saw the number 7 above me below me and in my heart center. I believe we are still experiencing the 777 Portal energies. I encourage you to take advantage of this HIGH time . Here’s an activation I created to do as many times as you are guided to do.

The 7 also connects to the Ray of Order and Mercurial change that is currently working through our collective to blend spirit and matter in order to produce the manifested form of our Christed Selves in carbon matter form.

When I finally came fully back into my body I knew what needed to be done. I rested at about 6am and woke up at 11:11 with a FULL download of the next steps.

I received this message from Higher Self :

    “The TIME is NOW for the Violet Flame to ANCHOR into the Earth to transmute ALL lower energies and return them to SOURCE to be cleansed and repaired in the Highest Benevolent LIGHT! “

In 2021 I received the Violet Flame Reiki (atonement ) directly from the Ascended Master (Cosmic Consciousness) known by many as St. Germain. I had been working with the Violet Flame invocations since 2013, and those were pretty powerful but this was NEXT level ! At that time I was guided to IMMEDIATELY pass it on (directly in person) to 3 people (my sister, my daughter and my oldest son) and that after a certain period of time I would be guided to atone others.

That time is NOW!

Coming directly from the 15th dimension of the Violet (Ruby) Order ( Partika Mind) this Reiki intelligence is designed to transmute at an extremely HIGHER frequency than what has been currently observed on the planet until now. This is because the consciousness in the collective has become more in alignment with the upper worlds. Therefore we as a collective can hold these higher waveforms without burning out our molecular structures. It is for this reason that until now I have only used this level of the Violet Flame when someone was in danger of prematurely exiting the body. This would come from ANGELIC intervention through vision BEFORE I could facilitate because EVERY soul has FREE will and choice to enter and exit the incarnation .

I am so honored for this next level of expansion for myself as an intermediary channel and for the collective!

This atonement is given by Chi ball transfer to ensure its potency , safety and anchoring. Before the attunement there will be an educational process in regards to the development of this Reiki within the body. As such this will be a 1 on 1 Master Class complete with pdf instructions to heal and attune others, a nurturing meditation to work with the Reiki Ray for structure, discipline and advancement .

There will also be a Certification of Completion AFTER 1 month of self MASTERY training for those who wish to submit proof of working with a qualified professional Master Healer to either add to your practitioner practice or begin.

As an additional point:

If you are guided to this level of training please know that this is a process that you have done in many other incarnations, it also calls to those within the Ruby Order of the Guardians (Higher) Councils.

Looking forward to expanding with you beloved!

In Munay Service

Galactic Shaman- Aurora DestanyRaven

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