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The Full Moon in Aquarius: Bringer of the Golden Age

The Golden Age is TRULY here beloved ones!

Today has so many energies connected to our ascension and development as we SHIFT at lightning speed into higher frequencies of light.

The moon is aligned at 11• Aquarius while the Sun is at exactly 11• Leo.

Do you believe this is a coincidence?

If you’ve been connected to me for the many years that I have been devoted to this work ,then you KNOW from my perspective there are NO such things as accidental happenings. We live in a construct that is made up of cause and effect, surrounding synchronization . As we hit a turning point in the evolution of the human consciousness today will hold great personal experiences for many. This doesn’t mean that you need to go out and put on a big show for the universe. It’s much more simplistic than that, it’s really the mindful technique of your conscious and definitely your deeper conscious thoughts. Today try to observe your reactions based on outer actions . This will give you an indication of the energies you want to shift out of and those that you wish to build one. If you are interested in performing rituals or ceremonies that work with the moons energies I highly recommend doing so , as the potency of these energies will truly showcase your magic. Please REMEMBER that ultimately anything you do simply promotes more of YOUR power and focus on what you wish to release . If this is something that you are open to then try doing it when the moon is at its brightest in your night sky.

This moon is also very helpful for those of you who identify with being a starseed and it will assist you in shifting your energies out of timelines where you were apart of traumatic experiences such as galactic wars, battles, and captivity. This also means that you not only clear these energies from your field of consciousness but you also assist your ancestors. One never really understands the ripple it can cause in the sea by simply throwing out a simple pressure.

If you focus on the numerical aspects of this alignment you’ll notice the 1111 which signifies spiritual awakening or development, so many will receive upgrades that will take place while you rest your body temple . These can be felt , seen , and even exhibited for the next 3 to 5 days depending on where you are vibrationally. This also means that the ascension symptoms will increase. And I know not many of you are too happy to hear about that. Personally my entire body has been itching all day , I have hives on both ankles that seem to only flare up when we go through a Galactic portal , so basically every month since January . I’m sure for me this will continue as the portals unfold and I integrate the higher frequencies of light codes I’ve been receiving for myself and the collective. I’ve been awakened to many events that will truly assist us in remembering our LIGHT more and more. Speaking of intel , I strongly suggest working with your team because they are definitely ready to support you. Please also listen to your body and give it what it needs. MOST importantly doing your best to stay AWAY from any negativity. Go outside even on rainy days, breathe in the air that the Sylphs have been helping to clear more and more every day.

If you have been participating in my Quantum Clearings Course then you should definitely have a full supply of tools and techniques to assist you with utilizing these energies to clear a massive amount. For those who are working on their own or using other modalities I suggest you find what visibly assist you the most and repeat those processes until you feel a noticeable difference in your vibrations. The energies will continue to speed up and there is so much unfolding in this month alone that you may find your training wheels no longer work as we are definitely in the “End Game”. Please DO NOT take that phrase out of context as I meant it as a way to show you how your chosen strategies will assist you greatly moving forward in this ascension game. Remember to stay in your LIGHT and to SHINE it BRIGHT. I am so very honored to walk this path with all of you and as ALWAYS, I send you my BLESSINGS , my LOVE, and I CALL IN THE LIGHT... Namaste.

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3 comentarios

I love you both so much! It is my pleasure as well as my purpose! Namaste 🙏🏾

Me gusta

04 ago 2020

Love this picture & Thank you for all that you are & do🙏

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
03 ago 2020

Beautiful. I Love you ♥️♥️♥️

Me gusta
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