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Shields Up ! Engage!

Since the full moon I’ve been purging heavy from all ends! I know that’s probably tmi but hey I’m keeping it all the way 100% as always. Welcome to my process, for those of you who don’t know me , I am Shaman DestanyRaven.

It’s been quite the experience since last weekend filled with full time “night shift” work in the astral ( separate blog on that to come) and as many of you know that I had to cancel my weekly live YouTube check in on Monday since the moon came in Full Aquarius style (my Sun and Venus placement)and it put me on my ass . Full disclosure is that prior to going live , I was guided to do a very intense Shamanic Releasing ceremony ,along with a declaration that I have been circulating to some of you that spirit expressed I should share it with. Combined with all the planetary shifts and cosmic happenings I’ve been giving myself some well deserved R&R. Today I finally felt better and it was just in time for my two live readings, a few tweaks to my new website (mobile app works great now btw)and now I’m back in the bed. I finally ate a small amount of vegan meat and some pasta and my stomach is singing and curdling. I’m sharing these details because I spoke to two others who are going through similar so if you’re feeling this way it may be the cause. Always go with your intuition and see your naturopathic doctor if you need to.

From a highly intuitive empath’s perspective the energies have been so restless since Monday . I’ve been working with my magical dimensions Oracles to balance my masculine and feminine awareness and I was guided to do some additional shield work for my auric field , the House, the neighborhood, and later on I’ll be doing some Gridwork around town. I’m writing this to pass on the message , because I felt it was also for the collective consciousness and ESPECIALLY us LIGHTWORKERS. As we forge ahead at warp speed into the PEAK energies of the LION’S GATE on Saturday it’s a good time to stay HIGH VIBE ,to PROTECT our energy space, and our appointed sectors. Yes Incase you were unaware the area you live has been appointed to you as LIGHTWORKERS this is apart of your work here.

So If you have any shielding techniques that you use definitely apply them NOW! WANDS at the READY aka Keep your crystals CLOSE preferably black tourmaline or obsidian, and REMEMBER to stay in your HIGH HEART because it is the SOURCE of you POWER. If you work with any higher aspects call them close because when you ASK IT IS GIVEN. I was also guided to put my Auric Field Shielding Activation on SALE since the 2nd when I launched my website and now I know why! So if you feel guided just head over and it’s INSTANT DOWNLOAD after purchase I have clients that have used it for over a year(since I upgraded it) and they still work with it especially as of late.

I’ve also been getting nonstop activations since Saturday coming from the numbers 711, 722,808,909, 1010, 1111 , 1212 , 111, 222, etc.., then the songs, ringing in both ears, feeling very light headed, itching, body aches, and if you’re Clairaudient like me you’ll hear into the other dimensions like someone has put speakers up to your ear. The last time it was this clear I was in Maui , but it seems even the city fog can’t keep out these high frequency waves as we merge with the higher realms MORE!

This is an exciting time and WE are the great pioneers of this planet and as such we NEVER fear we HOLD the LIGHT and we SHINE, SHINE, SHINE!

As always I send you my BLESSINGS , my LOVE, and I call in the LIGHT! Namaste

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