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🌑 New Moon in ♊️ Gemini Oracles Guidance and Activations

🌹Divine Feminine Priestess (Goddess) 🌹Activation Reading 🔮 Channeling by: Shaman DestanyRaven


(The Prophetess of TRUE POWER )

It is time to CALL BACK your FULL power from ALL linear and nonlinear timelines , lifetime incarnations , and spaces of reality that separated your FULL awareness of your source energy connections. You may want to explore Soul Retrieving techniques such a QHHT or Shamanic Soul Retrieval . ( I have a combination process available on my website for those interested )

🌹 SUMMONING YOUR POWER (Instincts,Intellect,Control)

You are far more powerful than you are giving yourself credit for. No matter what challenges you may face REMEMBER that YOU hold the solution. Release any unhealthy patterns and STAND in your power!


(Blessed with a time of learning new things) The Goddess Nyx has sent this symbol to make you aware that your experiences are qualifying you to hold the mantel of HIGHER light. New opportunities and chances of wonderful growth are here for you NOW!


(The Saint of spoken words)

As an AVATAR of the DIVINE( mother/father, God/Goddess )you have been given access to the AKASHA through this oracle. Choose your words carefully as you are creating new timelines of HIGHER consciousness for yourself and ultimately the world .


(Our Lady of Hermits)

For many moons the earth has provided a place for us to transform our perceived suffering and pain into love. It is time for you to let go of the sorrow to embrace the healing love of the Mother. Wash away your pain in her waters, put your feet on her soil and ask her to pull out the hurt. We will rise again restore and renewed . Transformed and Transcended!

🌹SHAMANIC JOURNEY (Purpose,Attunement,Vision Quest)

This is a great and sacred time for you to connect with your inner shaman for healing. Take this journey to discover your TRUE purpose, remembering that it may be filled with more than one adventurous outcome. Shedding your former selves will lead to the integration of your HIGHEST self. Yes this is a double message for soul retrieval, however this time it is about tapping into your cosmic dna as well as healing those fragmented parts of you. (Again I recommend my Shamanic QHHT )


(Infinite Mind, Awakening Consciousness)

A portal into the many facets of your Oversoul has opened in this Gemini new moon energies. HigherSelf consciousness is heralding the merging of your priestess powers (no matter your gender) . Your crown chakra has been activated to the next level of power and you will now experience an acceleration of divine source abilities. Your Akashic Records access has also been upgraded and you are now able to retrieve more acreage (yes you read write , that’s the word spirit gave me) into the knowledge of sacred geometry. Your brow chakra (third eye) is also activated to higher wavelengths of knowledge and eternal consciousness of organic intelligence.


(The Buddha of Enlightened Action)

When Green Tara incarnated into flesh her avatar was recognized by many. However there were many in those time still ignorant to the illusions of separation and prayed for her to be reborn as a male thinking this was her only way to true enlightenment. The Goddess educated them of the deceptions of the matrix projections of separation in the flesh . She also proclaimed that she would only ever reincarnate as a woman and each time achieving enlightenment to dispel the illusions of gender. Time to get moving and do what your heart is guiding you to do no matter what anyone thinks of you. Remember that taking inspired actions will lead to divine liberation of yourself and the collective.

🌹LILITH (The First Woman)

The stories written about Lilith are of a vengeful woman, who was disobedient to her husband and controlled demons in the night. Too often we have been led astray by the patriarchal influences of how to view a woman who has a voice and is not afraid to stand up for herself. Lilith resides in all of us whether you be woman or man(look at your natal chart), she represents the parts of you that have the most powerful influences ,and because of this it may be feared by those that do not remember they hold this power as well. Lilith calls to you to speak your truth fiercely , and harm none, as you harness your true power and live your deepest desires.



On this journey we meet kindred souls that remind us of how loved we are by the divine. Equally we remind these beautiful souls that they are loved , by the time and care we show them. Friends can be family by bloodline or those that you connect to in memories of togetherness beyond time and space. Call the ones you consider to be these kindred spirits close to you now, plan a get together, maybe a Zoom call hangout while you watch a movie if you’re too far away. If you don’t have these connections then it’s time to call them in to your timelines, because you did NOT come here to be alone. You deserve to be happy and enjoy life with like minded souls.


(Many Meanings, Misunderstandings)

The Marys of Magdalena are priestesses of the Divine Mother Goddess and one of their many symbols is the rose. Soft and sweet the petals draw you in with its beauty , however it is protected by a strong stem of thorns. This symbolizes the duality of (masculine/feminine) mother/father that is NOT separate , just like the rose. Mary was the equal counterpart of Yeshua (Jesus) and she went through the same training as he did, and held powers that many witnessed for all her days. Apart of her strengths was her willingness to show her masculine abilities in a time where this was unheard of and very forbidden. It’s time for you to take on this same level of bravery and explore all parts of you without shame or judgment.


(The Apostle to the Apostles)

An Anthropos is someone that is fully human and fully divine, this was the achievements of Yeshua and his beloved Marys. Mary of Magdala taught many to reach their true self. She performed many great magical skills that boggled the mind of many including Tiberius Caesar when she turned an egg red before his eyes. She held the codes of life and death/rebirth, she is known as a world bridge between heaven and earth . When she appears it is because you are being activated by the lineage of the rose that has been placed in every sentient being. It is time for you to utilize these codes to empower yourself and humanity. For those of you who have read the Anna ( grandmother of Jesus) books then you will innerstand why I call them “the Marys” and why this card (energies ) representing Mary Magdalena(Magdalene) showed up twice. If you’re unaware then this is your invitation to explore!


(The Goddess of Magic)

I just want to share that all these oracles came out on their own back to back and when I saw this one I knew it was complete. For those who do not know about the Egyptian pantheon and the magic that is Isis let me say that she can’t be summed up in a paragraph so I suggest you start exploring. She is here to remind you of your HIGHEST power and that is your sacred sexuality. There is a reason sex was so taboo in earlier times and is hyper-sexualized now, the patriarchy feared the use of this knowledge and empowering SHAKTI (intelligent energy life-force). Sex magic is so much more than just succumbing to the flesh, this is an intimate connection with your divine self. You also don’t need a partner to explore your sex magic , however having one will enhance this gift of grace. Just choose your partner wisely and make sure they are working to achieve embodiment of the highest LIGHT. Bring the energies from your root chakra to meet your crown chakra ( as many times as you can during orgasm) in a divine dance of ecstasy and see the doors of your heart portal open to HIGHT consciousness. As a tantric priestess one of my best manifestation tools is self pleasure while visualizing my desires. Do this POWERFUL technique during this new moon and watch how quickly the universe brings you all that you ask.

Enjoy your NEW MOON beloveds!

And so it is!

In Munay, Namaste 🙏🏾


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