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Happy 11/11 The Portal is Now OPEN!

Greetings Beloveds! Happy 11/11 Portal!

All plans of a recorded Energy Report for this portal or any offerings have been diverted due to my NEED to rest.

I did put out a 60 second light language activation for “multidimensional alignment” here is the direct link:  ENJOY!

I have already done three J & Z Seal removals, Galactic Shamanism Apprenticeship Classes and Ascension Protocol Atonements with two more to go before the weekend is over. So my priority is to rest as much as I can in preparation for the next round of implant removals and everything else I mentioned on repeat starting Monday. These energies of this portal will last until 11/22 with a steady climb then gradually decreasing. Only to start back up on the first week in December! Stay tuned for that report as I’m already getting information.

Since I can text to talk this post is easier and will still give those of you guided to it the information that came through my field today.

“Star gate to the prism of Lyra”

As I sat outside in meditation and sun charging, I heard these words “Stargate to the prism of Lyra”.

When I asked what this meant, I was shown a huge gateway opening up directly, connecting us to the Lyran star system. No, I haven’t had much time to check and see, what’s going on in the astrology but I assume that we are at an alignment point.

I do know that the moon is currently in Libra swiftly shifting into Scorpio and so we will feel the effects of the Scorpio new moon starting tonight and definitely into tomorrow (Sunday) and Monday, November 13 on the day of the new moon.

For those of you who have a strong connection to the Lyran star system, you will find your counter aspects (HigherSelves) eagerly waiting to connect with you and bring through telepathic messages.

I encourage you to explore these beautiful messages with an open heart as you also use discernment that “ ONLY those in the HIGHEST order of the benevolent light may communicate with you” .

For those of you who have ever read The Prism of Lyra by Lyssa Royal Holt you will know that this time period is of great significance as we approach the dawning in the age of Aquarius.

Celeste reminded me that tomorrow is also Diwali a Hindi tradition that celebrates Light in the dark. I encourage you to celebrate your light even in these dark times.

“False Light Matrix deconstructed”

Over the course of the last few days, it has come to my attention that many spiritual teachers have been exposed and have been labeled “cult Prophets”. I send love to all who have been affected by these negative experiences. As I sympathize with those who have been tricked at the hands of narcissistic spiritual teachers, who have failed in their responsibility to lead with their hearts, I also encourage you to use these events as lessons of discernment.

As we move into Pluto in Aquarius there will be more exposure of dark agents and agenda as they will have no place in our society of unity consciousness . These teachers are also offering implant removals and many have already experienced that they actually experienced more hijacking than a release.

Again PLEASE use your discernment when choosing a practitioner to work on your energy field. Listen to that inner voice if it’s telling you not to work with ANYONE!

My rule when aligning with anyone to work on me or with me  is ...

"Anyone who is not willing to do the same work on themselves (that they offer to others) is not for me and should not be looked upon in leadership roles of any kind “.

I’ve said this before I’m previous videos, ALL masks will come off and it’s not just for the political leaders or celebrities. It’s for EVERYONE the sooner the better since this is about our collective consciousness being the best versions of ourselves!

This news may be saddening to hear however please don’t let it discourage you from doing your own spiritual development and finding support from those you resonate with.

(Picture below was taken by Hubble telescope as it detected orbs in the atmosphere of of sky)

“Light Beings entering Earth Magnetosphere”

I had absolutely no idea what this meant since I didn’t see a vision I just heard this through Clair-audience, nor did I know what the magnetosphere actually was, so I had to look up on google. Sometimes Celeste talks to me like I’m an astrophysicist…lol.

Anyways here the definition from Wikipedia:

“In astronomy and planetary science, a magnetosphere is a region of space surrounding an astronomical object in which charged particles are affected by that object's magnetic field. It is created by a celestial body with an active interior dynamo.”

So when you see these “Orb like beings “ know that these are beings from outside our galaxy entering earth to “make contact” is what I was told by them directly as I received a personal download today.

To summarize….Earth is about to get REALLY interesting! A’ho!

Enjoy the PORTAL ENERGIES beloveds!

In Munay

Galactic Shaman- Aurora DestanyRaven

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