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Ascension UPDATES: Messages from Andromeda and The Ancients

I’ve been in closer CONSCIOUS contact with the Andromedan Council since they shared an amazing light Language with me during the last new Moon cycle .

( For those of you who haven’t watched it on my YouTube I will link it here

They have been helping me with the speed of the energies and how my body is adjusting to the increase. For the last two months my body has been feeling like it’s literally splitting and splicing. The Andromedans explained to me that it’s not just a personal thing and that the entire planet is having this happen however as a HIGH energy intuitive (empath) I and many like me feel it first ( yay! Fun times) . So if you’re feeling like you’re literally coming out of your body it’s because in a way you are….lol. You see the body or flesh simply houses the spirit which is who we truly are and as the frequencies increase the matter (material) must also shift to a different vibrational tone to keep up. It’s like our souls are singing a whole new song that the body is just learning the chords to play along with. My background in this life is music so that’s the majority of visuals I receive from my team. They’ll give me a song because of the emotions tied to it, a movie because of the character’s role, or even a book because a quote from it is a thumbnail to describe my current experience. When I asked about the reports myself, my clients and some of my EGA team members have been having with the realities the paragraphs below is what they gave. There will also be information from the Ancient Patel, many of you know as the FOUNDERS who contacted me (from my conscious awareness) in 2015, and have popped in and out to assist me from time to time. As ALWAYS take what resonates and LEAVE the rest.

Andromeda Council

“The collective is experiencing a series temporal anomalies of the old matrices and the plans that were had to further disrupt the ascension. Terrans have been in a loop of lower consciousness since the fall of Atlantean civilizations.”

(I looked up what temporal anomaly means because I did not know. Goggle Wikipedia : A temporal anomaly is a disruption in the spacetime continuum which can be related to time travel. Temporal anomalies can take many forms and have many different effects, including temporal reversion, the creation of alternate timelines, and fracturing a vessel into different time periods. )

Ancient Patel (Founders)

Due to the frequency increase of the black holes that we created through the nebula many of your lifespans ago , we have seen a surge of momentum on earth. This is allowing for not only planetary increased ascension but universal wave lengths to speed up, levelings of timelines are crashing into one another to form a symbiotic connection and chained reaction. As the photon belt is increased so to is the phonons in the bodies. Atomic energy fields are charging up in all densities that are also accelerating (going up )so many will feel as if the atoms in their body are scattered. For those of you who sit still long enough to notice even the elementals have changed patterns.This will include signs of dementia in the youngest vessels as well as older. “

(PLEASE NOTE: They are not saying that we will all have dementia or anything medically related, only that many will feel like their past present and future are mangled for a short time so PLEASE don’t come for the messenger…lol REMEMBER they use words for true meaning and depth not what we have dumbed them down to interpret . I’ve learned over the years of working with Thoth NOT to take things so literally and to research the deeper meanings. I advise and encourage you to do the same. )

“There is an acceleration of those that wish to meet Gaia at her resting place before the next big jump and increase in blending density. As we have shared with this very one before there will be a raise in not only dimensional status but also density among the surface dwellers of all celestial bodies . Many of you see extinction of the animal kingdom but what you do not compute is that these souls have ascended into a more advantageous universe than your current trajectory.”

Andromedan Council

“ December 2013 was a pivotal juncture point for your collective consciousness bargaining agreement with the Higher planes of existence . It was a moment when humanity did indeed decide that as a collective of souls you were ready to take the next step in your evolution and then you would be able to heal yourself from earth trauma and you can see the truth of what you are doing. And so the flood of remembrance came sweeping over and you claimed your RIGHT to choose. The plans that were set in place for this planet to be sovereign fell short when nations conspired against their brethren. These differences helped tighten the shackles of your collective consciousness and gave way to many who were more evolved but still not developed to take the reins of your earth. The fall from consciousness was an opportune period to connect with those chosen to lead and indeed carry them astray. Leaders