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Sweet Spirit Of Light

Welcome to Sweet Spirit of Light your safe haven for Spiritual Development.

A place to experience ancient wisdom teachings in a modern world


About Me

Sweet Spirit of Light was founded and established in January 2013 by Shaman DestanyRaven or S.D.R as her clients, students and supporters call her. Shaman DestanyRaven is a world renowned and loved Master Intermediary Energy Facilitator and Teacher . Her official galactic title given to her by the Star Councils is Galactic Shaman, Quantum Mechanism Facilitator and Scalar Alchemist . In December 2021 after a session with world renowned Healer, Channel and best selling author Sal Rachele it has been confirmed that Shaman DestanyRaven is indeed a (walk-in) hybrid Higher Conscious Light Being from another universe and has come to teach others as an inter-dimensional traveler . She has also specifically incarnated on Earth at this time to assist Gaia as a Grid-Worker to shift back into higher dimensions. Shaman DestanyRaven is a born and developed Seer ,Highly Intuitive empath/telepath , psychic-medium, trance channel , doctor of metaphysics and divinity(divination) teachings with the Universal Life Church (ordained since 2016) . She also holds multiple certifications as a master quantum energy healer in traditional Usui Reiki , Rose Reiki ,Skhm (Egyptian) Reiki and HIGH Shaktis( intelligent subtle energies) .In addition to her many talents she is a five octave trained vocalist, drummer, and certified sound healer with crystal bowls. She also has extensive experience  in ancient and traditional healing work ,Rites of Passage Initiations and Star Activations as an initiated shaman . Shaman DestanyRaven is a proud member of the world wide accredited Society for Shamanic Practice were she connects with shamans from around the world to do ceremony and healing for the planet. She is dedicated to utilizing all her many years of training and natural abilities to assist those who are truly and divinely guided to her by their spirit .




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