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Sweet Spirit Of Light

Welcome to Sweet Spirit of Light your safe haven for Spiritual Development.

A place to experience ancient wisdom teachings in a modern world

About Me

Shaman Aurora DestanyRaven is a world known and loved First Nation indigenous Jamaican born Taino initiated shaman , and Ascension Guide. She owns and operates the very successful private spiritual online learning center Sweet Spirit of Light . As well as holding in person workshops for shamanic healing, Rites of Passage , planetary mission work (GridWork), Shadow work  training ,Esoteric Mystery School teachings and advanced Spiritual Development and Galactic Shamanism.  


She is a Master Intermediary Energy Facilitator and Practitioner Teacher . Her OFFICIAL title by the Federations and Councils of Light is Galactic Shaman, Quantum Facilitator and Scalar Alchemist .Through a session with world renowned Channel , Healer & best selling author Sal Rachele she has been confirmed to be an ancient (walk-in) ,Higher (Avatar)Light Being ,and inter-dimensional traveler (Organic Hybrid) reincarnate.


Shaman Aurora DestanyRaven holds a U.L.C Doctorate in Metaphysics & Divinity Teachings . Additionally she is an Initiated Adept of the Melchizedek Order, Druidic-Merlyn Pherllyt Order and Rose Order High Priestess . For over three decades she has worked in spiritual development with prominent world teachers as well as through self mastery .She has achieved substantial training and multiple certifications as an Energy Master Healer . These skills include : Kathara Healing System (1-3) Facilitator ,Sekhm/Egyptian Reiki (Level 1-3), Rose Reiki, Light of Lemuria Reiki, Blue Star Sirian/Lemuria Reiki , Karuna Reiki , Usui Reiki Master (Japanese Sansei trained)  , Holy Fire Reiki, Violet Flame Reiki , and Angelic Reiki . She has also been initiated as a Shaman since the age of sixteen and practitioner of over a  decade , specializing in Rites of Passage ( Munay-Ki ) and Ancient Wisdom Teachings from many First Nations lineages . 


Shaman Aurora DestanyRaven is a Master Alchemist combining her professionally trained 5 octave vocal rage to bring through higher harmonic toning, drumming, rattles, crystal bowls, solfeggio frequencies and STAR Languages of LIGHT to promote healing, and a balanced lifestyle ,for her clients , mentees, and apprentices. 


Shaman Aurora DestanyRaven is an ASCENSION  guide for all levels of the spiritual path and she continues to fulfill her mission of ANCHORING unity consciousness with integrity and right action. She also creates WEEKLY content on her Podcast :The Krystos Shaman’s Life , Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram pages ( Krystos Shaman of Ascension) for ALL who are guided to her by their spiritual HIGHER selves and  councils of Light. 


You have come HERE it is by NO ACCIDENT!



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